Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san Episode #03

This is Yuzu Yukimoto as she’s reading her favorite shoujo manga… at Aki Shiina’s room.

And speaking of Akkun, he couldn’t concentrate on his studies because of Yuzu-sempai. But you know what, why don’t he join Yukimoto on reading her shoujo manga.

Then again, Aki Shiina sitting behind Yuzu Yukimoto is very awkward. I mean, Yuzu might accidentally rub his crotch with all the fidgeting!

Now let’s move onto the next scene where Sumire Yamanashi locked herself to her room because she’s fairly depressed that Yuzu couldn’t ride the roller coaster.

Well for one, Yuzu Yukimoto is just short and second, it’s creepy that Sumire is very obsessive towards to student council president. In any case, Yuri Kazami asked Akkun for help…

…by dressing him up with girls’ clothing. Um, Akkun doesn’t like being dressed up as a girl because his sister always do that.

In any case, Aki Shiina went inside Sumire Yamanashi’s where it’s surprisingly cute upon entering it.

As for Sumire, she’s feeling down that Yamanashi couldn’t move a finger, so she told Akkun to change her clothes into her pajamas. Really Sumire, you know that Aki Shiina is a guy, right?

With that said, Akkun tries to change Sumire’s clothes starting with taking off her stockings…

…until Yamanashi is wearing nothing but her underwear. Yeah, that was lewd!

Now then, Aki managed to change Sumire-sempai into her pajamas, but she’s still feeling down because of Yuzu-chan not getting into the roller coaster.

But once Sumire Yamanashi carried Aki Shiina on her shoulders, she got better as Akkun got the same weight as Yuzu Yukimoto.

So yeah, Sumire-sempai got her energy back because she found a substitute when Yuzu Yukimoto is not around. But still, she prefer Yuzu-chan over Akkun.

And now, let’s end this episode with Yuri Kazami as she’s inspired to dress Akkun up after that incident, starting with a maid uniform because Yuri found it amusing.

But as for Aki Shiina however, he felt a bit embarrassed by wearing girls’ clothing again. I mean, he’s very cute that Aki’s sister always dress him up!

And that’s about it for this week’s episode and man, Aki Shiina’s dorm-mates are interesting in a weird way. Of course, seems that Aki will have a hard time manning up because of Ayaka-san and his dorm-mates doting him all the time. Oh well, I’ll see you next time!

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