Happy Sugar Life Episode #02

Hey everyone, I know you’re probably thinking about the first episode right? Well, let’s just say that all the things happened there didn’t exist as I introduce you to Satou Matsuzaka and her normal life as a high school girl.

Nah, just kidding as it turns out that it’s not all rainbows and sunshine for Satou-chan as she’ll have to deal with weirdos and stalkers like her teacher named Daichi Kitaumekawa.

As you can see, he’s stalking Satou Matsuzaka the whole time and Kitaumekawa-sensei really wants to have sex with her. Yeah, he’s truly one of the worst people ever!

Meanwhile, here’s some brief backstory from Satou Matsuzaka as her parents died from unknown circumstances, therefore she’s living with her aunt.

While I don’t know what happened to Satou’s aunt, all I can say is that she might be the reason why Satou acted like some yandere character.

Now let’s go back to Daichi Kitaumekawa where it turns out that he has a wife and a daughter. How wonderful to have a family for this creepy teacher!

Of course, Satou Matsuzaka will have to ruin his life as she knows Kitaumekawa-sensei’s weakness. C’mon, she’s gonna tell the authorities to arrest this man for molesting her!

In any case, looks like Daichi Kitaumekawa is now trapped under the palm of Satou Matsuzaka’s hand, starting by rubbing his crotch with her foot.

You know that she’ll crush everyone, including Kitaumekawa-sensei, who wants to ruin her happy sugar life with Shio Koube. So yeah, Daichi Kitaumekawa is already fucked!

Meanwhile, I would like to introduce you to Taiyou Mitsuboshi as he’ll be Satou Matsuzaka’s new co-worker, although they know each other since they previously worked at a maid cafe somewhere in Tokyo.

By the way, even though Taiyou-kun is so handsome, he’s actually a broken bird due to being molested by his female manager on his previous job. Fortunately, Mitsuboshi found a cure to his gynophobia, especially older women…

You see, Taiyou Mitsuboshi found a cute girl named Shio Koube and really, I feel that he’s becoming a lolicon at this point. On the other hand, where did he get that pamphlet anyway?

Well, Taiyou got it from this guy named Asahi Koube who is currently finding his little sister Shio. Oh boy, looks like Satou-chan has a rival to take out in order to protect her love with Shio-chan!

Meanwhile, here’s Daichi Kitaumekawa as he’s taking out the trash by putting into the incinerator. Oh, and you think that it belong to him? Think again.

Turns out, this trash bag belonged to Satou Matsuzaka where she asked Kitaumekawa-sensei to dispose it. Good thing he didn’t ask what’s inside because Daichi Kitaumekawa will be dead by now!

Lastly, here’s Taiyou Mitsuboshi as he brought Asahi Koube after being beaten up by punks at the park.

Um, I don’t think bringing Asahi inside the office is a bad idea, despite Taiyou’s intentions to rescue someone from the brink of death.

Because you see, Satou-chan is here and she’s about to murder Asahi because he might take Shio-chan away from her. God, I can’t bear to watch this!

Of course, will she control herself on the next episode because if someone saw her attempting to kill Asahi Koube, Satou Matsuzaka will be royally fucked-up!

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