Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Episode #03

So after some mishaps from the previous episode, Sylvie gave Diablo another quest. This time, it’s coming from Celestine Baudelaire just to make up for her mistakes on not keeping an eye on her fellow mages.

Of course, Rem Galleu does not want any part of this quest as she believes that Celes is giving her special treatment. C’mon, Rem has a demon lord inside her body after all!

Meanwhile, we have another character that wants to challenge the demon lord. This is Emile Bichel Berger, a Level 50 Warrior who wants nothing more but to defeat Diablo and rescue both Rem Galleu and Shera L. Greenwood.

Then again, this Level 50 Warrior got nothing when facing a Level 150 Sorcerer like Diablo as the self-proclaimed demon lord from another world knocked Emile out with just a swing of his wand.

Still, it would take some explanation from Rem to clear up some misunderstands towards Emile Bichel Berger. In any case, Emile understands the current situation and now it’s time for Diablo to take the quest together with Shera L. Greenwood!

Of course, the rumors surrounding Diablo won’t end as the guards situated at the Bridge of Ulug suspected him of being part of the Fallen Army, which is not true because he didn’t do anything wrong upon being summoned by Shera and Rem.

So, it’s time for Shera to clear up some misunderstandings as she delivers some wine to the guards.

Well, I’m glad Diablo brought his elf to help him because this demon lord is socially-awkward. Still, this quest won’t be complete because one of the guards told Diablo that the Fallen are heading to the bridge.

Oh, and they’re actually here now as Edelgard and her army of monsters will cross the bridge and take Rem Galleu in order to summon Krebskulm.

Not on Diablo’s watch however as he’ll destroy the Fallen Army by himself! Then again, I’m worried that his mana points won’t last and I’m not sure if Edelgard is strong compared to him.

Back at the city, looks like this familiar face have returned after summoning a Salamander, as well as tricking the entire elven army in the previous 2 episodes.

Oh yeah, I forgot that this rowdy mage has a name as Galluk wants to talk to Celestine Baudelaire and reconsider her decision not to fire him, all while holding a suspicious-looking dagger to make a bold statement.

Since Galluk is doing something dangerous, Rem Galleu summons a shadow snake to stop this madman from doing something dangerous!

Well, too late for that as Galluk stabs himself with that dagger. Damn, Rem didn’t stop this madman from committing suicide!

And speaking of Rem Galleu, looks like she’s still here for a real surprise after Galluk stabbing himself in the heart. Then again, she should run away now…

That’s because the man named Galluk is no more as it transforms into Gregore, a Fallen who’s here to kill Rem and summon Krebskulm. Dammit, Rem should have joined Diablo instead of staying here in the city!

Now then, the only thing I’m worried about is how Diablo will fare towards Edelgard as I have a feeling that it’ll be a long fight ahead on the next episode. Let’s hope that he can defeat the Fallen Commander and rescue Rem Galleu.

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  1. Karandi says:

    They definitely hit us with more plot in this episode and I’m wondering how the fights will play out.

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