Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight Episode #03

So, is anyone curious what Starlight is? While it might not be the name of a special troupe whose Stage Girls fight to become the Top Star, it is a stage play where it tells a tragic tale of two goddesses being drawn by a blinding light, only to be separated and never to be reunited again.

Come to think of it, I feel that this stage play ties with the story of both Karen Aijou and Hikari Kagura where I feel that they’re bound by this tragic fate.

Anyways, what you see here is last year’s performance by the 99th Class during the Seisho Festival. Also, take a guess on who’s the leading role?

If you say that Maya Tendou is the leading role over Claudine Saijou? You’re absolutely right! After all, she’s naturally-gifted and Claudine doesn’t like Maya taking the high ground over her!

This year, the 99th Class will perform Starlight again and while this will be Hikari Kagura’s first school festival at Seisho Music Academy, there will be some changes with Nana “Banana” Daiba will take a backseat and do some stage production.

While it’s sad that Banana will not perform, at least she’s learning on various things when it comes to creating a stage play such as writing, choreography, etc.

Meanwhile, here’s Claudine Saijou as she’s practicing her dance moves because Claudine needs to beat Maya Tendou with hardwork alone, although Junna Hoshimi tried it but it’s not enough for her.

However, seems that Claudine’s training regimen got interrupted when Futaba Isurugi shows up. As you can see, Futaba doesn’t want anyone messing up the dance room as she finished cleaning the floor.

Hmm, I’d smell as duel coming up between Saijou and Isurugi!

And now, let’s go back to Karen Aijou where her hands are tied and got locked up in a shed…

…by Hikari Kagura of all people. I have to say that she doesn’t want Karen to participate in the audition anymore.

But that doesn’t stop Karen for getting out of the shed as she has a BATTORU to attend to. Man, Hikari should have tied Karen a bit tighter next time!

In any case, the 3rd day of the audition has begun as Karen Aijou has arrived to take on her next opponent.

Said opponent happens to be the Number 1 contender to the Top Star position, Maya Tendou! I have a feeling that this fight will be very difficult.

With that said, the fight went underway as Karen and Maya are keeping their toes at each other, although Maya Tendou has the advantage due to her immerse talent compared to Karen Aijou.

Eventually, the fight ends with a single strike that took out one button that holds their cape. Take a guess on who won the battle?

And if you say Maya Tendou? Well, you’re absolutely right as Maya shows that she’s the leader of the bunch, leaving Karen straight towards the bottom of the rank.

Seriously, this battle is very one-sided as Karen can’t put up a fight against Maya, which I have to say that Hikari won’t like this.

Lastly, it’s time for another battle in which Claudine Saijou won her match…

…against Futaba Isurugi of all people. While it’s pretty much an easy win for her, Claudine is aiming for the number one spot against Maya Tendou because Saijou haven’t lost yet!

In any case, let’s wait and see on the next episode as Karen Aijou will need to re-assess herself in order to continue her run during the auditions. Then again, Hikari Kagura will do anything to stop her!

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