Happy Sugar Life Episode #03

Well, looks like Shio Koube couldn’t stand the loneliness without Satou Matsuzaka around.

And here’s the thing, I’m worried that Shio-chan might go outside to look for Satou-chan, which is dangerous since the outside world is scary!

Meanwhile, let’s go back to Satou’s workplace as Taiyou Mitsuboshi barged in to check if Asahi has relatives to pick him up. But really, I think Taiyou-kun should take Asahi to the hospital.

Also, little did he know is that Asahi’s parents are already killed by Satou-chan. Well, I believe that Satou killed Shio and Asahi’s father, but I don’t think she didn’t kill their mother.

And speaking of Satou Matsuzaka, seems that she’s doing fine as Satou-chan almost killed Asahi Koube.

See that crowbar underneath the sofa? She’s gonna whack Asahi hard because Satou-chan is very jealous that someone will take Shio-chan away from her.

Glad that Satou managed to hide the evidence and now it’s time to return to her apartment and see Shio-chan!

However, Shio-chan has gone missing once Satou went inside her apartment. Seems that the worst-case scenario has happened as Shio Koube went outside and Satou-chan went hysterical about it!

Anyways, Shio Koube went outside to find Satou Matsuzaka, not knowing that Satou already returned to the apartment.

Man, if only Shio-chan stayed much longer inside the apartment. Now, my worry is that Asahi might find her, or a certain lolicon at worst!

And it turns out that this lolicon has arrived as Taiyou Mitsuboshi took Shio’s hand and asked her to pat his head in order to heal his boo-boo away. God, I’m scared that Taiyou might do something to sweet Shio-chan!

In any case, Shio Koube pat Taiyou-kun’s head in order to heal the pain away. C’mon, he’s sexually-molested by his former boss and really, I feel bad towards him!

But now, Taiyou Mitsuboshi has become a lolicon upon seeing Shio-chan up-close. And really, he’s drooling like crazy!

Anyways, looks like Taiyou will take Shio to his home and molest her in order to make himself pure!

Fortunately, Taiyou’s plans to take Shio-chan home got disrupted when someone punched him to the face. Glad that someone stop his plans to molest Shio Koube, but it turns out that it’s not Asahi…

But rather, these two random dudes who got bored and decided to take their frustration on Mitsuboshi. Then again, I’m worried that both of them might kidnap Shio-chan too, which Satou Matsuzaka won’t let that happen!

Regardless, Satou-chan will have to hurry up finding Shio-chan before someone would do something nasty towards her. Anyways, see you next time!

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