High Score Girl Episode #03

Oh Genta Doi, he always tries his best to score a date with Akira Ono at the amusement park, but fails to do so as Akira wants to play games all the time. By the way, where’s Haruo Yaguchi?

Oh, he’s at the arcade corner where looks at games, some of which are pretty old such as Gradius, Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun, etc.

Well, I guess that Haruo will be playing alone at his usual habitat!

That’s until Akira Ono came where she wants to play a video game as usual. I guess she doesn’t want to hang out with a snob like Genta Doi, but what video game she wants to play?

Oh, Akira wants to play Darius II, Taito’s famous shoot’em up game where players fight against the Belsar Army, whose battleships are modeled after aquatic creatures.

Sadly, they only play the regular dual-screen version as the triple-screen version is very rare to find. But hey, they have a blast on playing Darius II, although Haruo sucks at playing shoot’em ups.

After a session of playing Darius II, they went to play Taito’s Space Gun where its gory nature scares the hell out of Akira Ono. Well, I must say that she’s scared everything related to horror, from Splatterhouse to Space Gun.

In any case, both Haruo Yaguchi and Akira Ono had a great time together at the arcades, even though they ditch Genta Doi and his posse. Sadly, this will be the last time that both Haruo and Akira play together…

You see, Akira Ono will move to the United States because her parents offered them a new job over there. Well, it was such a short time and I’m surely gonna miss her.

But not for Haruo as he still wants to play with her. Of course, it’s too late to let Akira stay in Japan so Haruo Yaguchi wants to see her for one last time, all while his favorite game characters are following him!

Anyways, Akira Ono is at the airport as she waves good-bye to her butler and her scary tutor Moemi Gouda.

By the way, Moemi-san is the one that gave Akira some nightmares when doing all sorts of things, from piano lessons to calligraphy. Poor Akira…

Now then, looks like Haruo made it just in time as he originally wanted to buy something for her, but end up using the money to go to the airport.

In any case, Haruo Yaguchi gave her a flower ring which he got it after playing a crane game somewhere. C’mon, it’s not flashy or anything special, it’s the thought that counts!

But hey, at least Haruo gave a parting gift to Akira and she’ll remember all the times they played together at the arcades. Also, Haruo told her to check out SNK’s Fatal Fury once she’s arrived in America.

Because of this, Akira hugged Haruo and cried. Even though she doesn’t utter a word, I truly feel that Akira Ono will miss Haruo Yaguchi much as she’s sees him as a dear friend and rival!

And thus, we end this week’s episode with Akira Ono heading to the United States. Of course, we might see her again in the near future so I’m hoping that Haruo Yaguchi would get good at playing video game when she returns!

Anyways, I can’t wait for the next episode and really, I love this episode because of the emotional 2nd half!

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