Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san Episode #04

Here’s Ayaka Sunohara in her bridal dress and really, she looks so gorgeous. Seriously, who wants to marry this caretaker!

Then again, Yuzu Yukimoto has an idea on which man she’ll end up marrying. No, she’s not talking about Aki Shiina by the way! *wink*

Speaking of marriage, seems that the likes of Sumire Yamanashi and Yuri Kazami have some idea of their future husband at a young age.

But really, I think they need to enjoy their teenage life first before thinking about marrying someone.

Also, looks like Ayaka Sunohara is not planning to marry yet, which means that someone other than Akkun will have a chance to take her heart.

Just kidding, I know someone wants to hook Aki Shiina up with Ayaka-san… Don’t lie to yourself!

Now then, let’s move onto better things where Akkun tries to help Ayaka-san on cooking meals. After all, he wants to be a man to her.

But then again, Aki Shiina end up learning how to cook from Sunohara. C’mon, he can’t just cook foods right away, Akkun needs to learn more before serving up a meal to his future wife!

Meanwhile, here’s Yuzu Yukimoto as she’s worried about her growth not just her height, but her bust size as she talks about it towards Aki Shiina.

Um Yuzu, you know that Akkun is a guy right you know that it’s embarrassing to talk about your flat chest?

Speaking of Yuzu’s flat chest, she’s very conflicted on putting some pads or even massaging her chest in order to make it bigger.

But you know what, massaging and drinking milk will solve everything for Yuzu-chan… to some extent. Of course, the results will vary and it’s not like she’ll have big breasts like Sumire or even Ayaka-san.

Now then, moving onto the next scene where Ayaka Sunohara and Aki Shiina are patching up the roof. After all, it’s rainy season in Japan!

However, it appears that the ladder fell down and since Yuzu and her classmates will be coming home a bit late, seems that both Ayaka-san and Akkun will be stuck at the roof for a while.

Oh, and it gets worse when there’s rain pouring down on them. Good thing they have a spare sheet to cover themselves and really, I found it cute!

Still, both Ayaka-san and Akkun will be stuck at the roof for the time being until Yuzu Yukimoto and her two friends went back to the dormitory. Fortunately, they went down once Yuzu brought the ladder back!

One last thing, seems that Yuzu’s massage on her chest has worked well for her, which worries Sumire much as she wants the student council president to remain small forever.

Man, Sumire Yamanashi is such a buzz-kill just because Yuzu wants to grow a pair of her tits!

Anyways, let’s end this post with Aki Shiina sleeping on Ayaka Sunohara’s lap. What a comfy way to end this week’s episode!

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