Back Street Girls Episode #05

Oh boy, seems that Airi Yamamoto is becoming like Mari Tachibana from Episode 2 as she’s having a sense of jealousy that both of her idol-mates got gifts from fans.

C’mon Airi, don’t get triggered just because both Mari and Chika are wearing expensive clothing!

Nevermind, seems that she gave into the pressure and got a gift too, where Airi flaunt on her new sexy lingerie!

By the way, this is Steve from the God Money mafia group where he wants to join the idol business by sending one of his mafia members to his brother Inugane.

First of all, I can’t believe that both Steve and Inugane are relatives. Second, I’m curious to see who’ll be the next vic- I mean the next aspiring member of the Goku Dolls!

Anyways, this is George and he came from the slums of New York, USA! While he’s amazed of living in a foreign country (unless he acts like a jackass), little does George know about his boss’ true intentions towards him.

Hell, even the Goku Dolls are crying that George will suffer the same fate as them. Welp, looks like Inugane will have to send George to Thailand for his sex change surgery, and let’s hope that it’ll be successful!

The result, the man known as George is no more as he’s transformed into a female idol named Rina. And I have to say that the fans loved it!

While it’s not the first time that Inugane tried to send a failing member of his yakuza gang for a sex change surgery after the Goku Dolls’ debut, this one is successful enough that Geo- I mean Rina joined the idol group as a trainee.

Man, I’m hoping that Rina will stick around for the next episode! After all, it takes a while to recondition both her mind and body, and also Mandarin Kinoshita will help Rina on becoming a successful idol.

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