Happy Sugar Life Episode #04

Well, this is interesting as we finally got to see what Shio and Asahi Koube’s mother look like and really, she’s scorned as hell that she hates Shio-chan for letting go of her hand.

Then again, Shio’s parents are already dead so the only guardian she has is Satou Matsuzaka!

But now, my worst fears has come true as two punks mishandled Shio Koube like a ragdoll as they try to lure Asahi and then beat the shit out of him. After all, they’re bored as hell!

However, a certain Satou Matsuzaka appeared instead in which she wants Shio-chan back in exchange for letting the boys have sex with her.

Then again, both assholes will just rape both girls instead!

And speaking of Satou-chan, she has second thoughts as Matsuzaka decides to whack one of the guys with a duffle bag, full of rocks, steel pipes, and other heavy things that’ll knock someone out!

And if wasn’t enough, Satou-chan bought a knife and a taser since she wants to torture them for a little while as payback for hurting Shio-chan.

With that said, these two thugs will have a long night getting stabbed in the eye by Matsuzaka… should they survived the ordeal of course.

Nah, I don’t think these two assholes will survive Satou for much longer. Hell, I believe that they’re already dead once the deed is done!

And afterwards, it’s time to bring back those good times as Satou’s happy sugar life with Shio-chan has returned!

Of course, she needs to make sure that Shio Koube won’t get out of the apartment by placing a lock at the front door. Yeah, that’ll be a great idea!

Finally, here’s Daichi Kitaumekawa as he tries to dig deeper into Satou’s history, especially her aunt where Kitaumekawa-sensei couldn’t contact her. Come to think of it, is Satou’s aunt got away or is she already dead?

Whatever he’s doing, Daichi Kitaumekawa might as well dig his own grave as Satou Matsuzaka will happily murder him and stuff his mangled body into the incinerator. Expect no witnesses when Satou-chan comes to you as I’ll see you next time!

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