Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight Episode #04

This is Maya Tendou where she’s currently relaxing at the bathtub and while she’s the best student at Seisho Music Academy, Maya wants nothing more than getting the Top Star as she won’t have anyone wear the prestigious tiara.

But then, her quiet time was interrupted when Karen Aijou appeared. Yes, Maya did beat her in the previous episode, but Karen is focused on finding Hikari Kagura where she left the dorm unexpectedly.

Anyways, Hikari Kagura went outside to reflect herself on what she went through in the United Kingdom, all while confusing Karen Aijou by going to various places such as aquariums and zoos. I guess she doesn’t want to see Karen for a while.

On the other hand, seems that Hikari won’t forget the promise that she and Karen made when they’re kids. Then again, the secret audition is very tough and once you lose, you’ll never have a chance to take the Top Star again!

Speaking of the secret auditions, Kaoruko Hanayagi is aware of its existence including the talking giraffe.

Of course, she’ll have to fight against her childhood friend Futaba Isurugi in order to take the tiara, so this audition will break friendships in exchange for eternal fame. Then again, I think Karen will change that!

With that said, Karen Aijou has finally found Hikari Kagura after a game of tag. However, it appears that they got past the curfew mark so both girls will be punished by their teacher on the next day.

Still, Karen rekindled her promise towards Hikari that they’ll perform at the stage together! That’s great to hear from Aijou, but there could only be one Stage Girl at the top.

And so, let’s end this episode with Hikari Kagura and Karen Aijou standing on top of a slide while looking at the Tokyo Tower. Still, both Hikari and Karen will have to survive the punishing training regimen from their strict teacher!

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