Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san Episode #05

On this episode, the tenants at Sunoharasou are having a blast because it’s summer vacation. Then again, they’re not at the beach by the way, but they have an inflatable pool to splash some water outside the dorm building!

Oh by the way, it’s not just Yuzu Yukimoto who’s having fun in the sun, but also both Sumire Yamanashi and Yuri Kazami where they have big boobs compared to Yuzu-chan.

Of course, both Sumire and Yuri got nothing on Ayaka-san where she has the biggest bust of all. Oh, and Aki Shiina couldn’t see Ayaka-san eye to eye because of her tits. C’mon Akkun, be a man there!

Meanwhile, here’s Yuri Kazami as she’s taking pictures of ghosts that lurk around Sunoharasou. Really, I don’t think this dorm has ghosts!

But, seems that Akkun saw something that he shouldn’t, therefore Yuri silenced him forever in order to make sure that her secret photos of Yuzu Yukimoto will never be revealed to the world.

Just kidding, it’s not like Yuri will actually make Aki Shiina disappear!

Next up, it’s time for Akkun to finish his homework as Ayaka Sunohara will tutor him. Then again, I feel that Ayaka-san being the sexy tutor might distract Aki much.

But hey, at least Aki Shiina managed to finish his summer homework with Ayaka-san helping him on his studies. I have to say that Akkun is a diligent guy, but I wish Ayaka-san will give him a special reward!

Finally, I would like you to introduce to Nishiki Yatsuho who is a close friend to Ayaka-san. Oh, and she brought some drinks because it’s summer after all.

Then again, Yatsuho brought some booze other than lime juice in the dormitory. Therefore, Ayaka-san will drink the lager since she’s legal to drink alcohol.

However, it turns out that Ayaka Sunohara is actually weak to alcohol, and thus she’s having that drunken stupor where Ayaka-san is about to assault Aki Shiina.

Oh boy, don’t tell me that she’s about to have sex with Akkun!?

Fortunately, Ayaka Sunohara fell asleep after her tipsiness subsided. Phew, what a close call there!

And that’s the end of this week’s episode as the summer vacation continues…

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