Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Episode #06

Hey everyone, let’s sidetrack a bit as I introduce you to Medios, a slave trader who knows how to remove the Enslavement Collars. Y’know, the ones where Rem Galleu and Shera L. Greenwood accidentally got enslaved by Diablo thanks to his magic reflection ring.

In any case, Medios will gladly help the demon lord on removing those collars, just don’t tell anyone about it because it’s a trade secret.

Speaking of Rem, she’s outside with Alicia Cristela as they’re having a chit-chat, especially when it comes to the demon lord Krebskulm which resides inside her body. Just hoping that Alicia will keep it a secret though.

On the other hand, looks like Alicia is doing something to Rem’s hand as she’s sealing something. Come to think of it, I have a feeling that this Imperial Knight might be a spy!

Meanwhile, let’s go back to Diablo where he’s trying to remove the Enslavement Collar… by injecting more magic inside Shera’s body.

And by the way, that’s the only way to remove the collar as Medios explains that Diablo must go deeper inside Shera and find the source that’ll remove the collar from her neck.

So yeah, Diablo is just touching Shera L. Greenwood’s body, from groping breasts to placing his hand onto her belly!

And as a result, Shera just came! Seriously, this is just an euphemism for sex, except that Diablo is a virgin demon lord who’s social awkwardness didn’t get laid to the ladies.

Finally, it’s time for the introduction of Prince Keera L. Greenwood as he’s here to take Shera back to the kingdom, but Keera won’t force her to do that but then again, I doubt it!

Speaking of Diablo, while Prince Keera is not a bad guy upon looking at his appearance, the demon lord is still cautious towards Shera’s brother. You know what, I think it’s best for Diablo to kill Keera L. Greenwood because it turns out that beneath his saintly face lies an ulterior (and downright creepy) motive to fuck his sister. Eww, that’s sickening!

So while Prince Keera will come back again on the next episode, I feel that I wanna punch this creepy elf so badly. God, I’ve already hate him from the day he ordered adventurers to kidnap Shera L. Greenwood!

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