Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san Episode #06

Oh look what we have here, seems that this lovely girl barged into Aki Shiina’s room!

And speaking of Akkun, looks like he’s speechless over this sexy intruder. Well then, time to introduce this new character!

Anyways, this is Nana-san who is a former tenant of Sunoharasou. And right off the bat, Nana got interested towards Aki Shiina upon seeing him for the first time!

Also, Nana-san knows all of the tenants at Sunoharasou like Yuzu Yukimoto, although Yuzu is a bit annoyed (and scared) that her senior has returned for the summer break.

Oh yeah, and here’s Nana-san in her new clothes which makes her a gal than a normal high school student. But you know what, I think Nana’s new look might seduce Akkun until she pops his cherry!

Not on Yuzu’s watch though as she tries to stop Nana’s advances towards Akkun until Ayaka-san arrives to intervene this situation.

By the way, turns out that both Nana and Ayaka are actually sisters, which is a surprising discovery to Aki Shiina as both of them are quite different!

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene as the tenants at Sunoharasou are at the local pool. Oh yes, and here’s Yuzu Yukimoto sliding down and taking the plunge!

And let’s not forget about Yuri Kazami and Sumire Yamanashi where the former takes photos of Yuzu and sell it to the latter. Great business partners there!

Also, here’s Nana Sunohara where she brought her two high school friends, Maiko Osonoi and Mea Uchifuji. Anyways, these two are interested to see Aki Shiina since he’s cute!

See? Everyone wants a piece of him because c’mon, the girls are in hots with shota characters like Aki Shiina. And seriously, everyone is getting jealous towards Akkun!

However, nothing compares to Ayaka Sunohara’s love towards Akkun as she has the biggest assets of all! Yup, Ayaka-san wins on this episode!

Anyways, I’ll see you next time as Nana Sunohara will stick around in Sunoharasou until the summer vacation is over.

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