Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu Episode #07

This is interesting as Diablo’s real-life persona Takuma Sakamoto has no friends… or rather he hates making one as it turns out that Takuma has a big trust issue towards others.

Sure that Takuma’s “friends” will accompany him, but they’ll deride him behind his back. That really hurts him a lot as Takuma helped them by giving them items in Cross Reverie, only to discard him once the deed is done. And I must say that his “friends” are ungrateful bastards!

But now, let’s move onto this week’s episode as Diablo shows you how to create potions much like in Cross Reverie.

But unlike the game itself where it automatically creates an item using a menu, Diablo will have to manually craft it with his two hands.

Oh, and the pressure is on when Shera L. Greenwood looks at the demon lord. Not only that, but Shera’s tits are hanging that Diablo got distracted by it!

However, seems that the distraction worked as Diablo managed to create a potion in an instant. Damn, I didn’t see how this demon lord did that!

Sadly, seems that the good times will be over as Shera was convinced by her brother Keena to go back to the Greenwood Kingdom. C’mon, it’s her duty to continue the bloodline and damn that Keena’s smug face!

And so, Diablo got dumbfounded by the sudden revelation that his slave will be going home. And really, it’s like those times where Diablo (or should I say Takuma) got betrayed easily by conniving players.

Yeah, seems that his motivation has gone to zero and Diablo can’t do about it!

Not on Rem Galleu’s watch however as she still wants to see Shera L. Greenwood because even though she hates that busty elf, Rem considers Shera as her friend.

But given that the Greenwood Kingdom is heavily-protected, Rem won’t stand a chance and it’ll get worse when Krebskulm got out from Rem’s body if she dies.

In any case, this convinced Diablo to rescue Shera L. Greenwood. And while the demon lord fears that he might get betrayed yet again, I feel that it’s not the case as Rem’s feelings are genuine and she trusts Diablo even more!

Now that Diablo is very much motivated on rescuing his slave, what about Shera L. Greenwood?

Turns out that Shera is in a bad situation as Prince Keena told his sister that he used magic to control her mind.

Now that he has Shera, Keena will have a sweet little time fucking his sister. I can’t even explain on why this guy is creeping me out!

But first, time for Keena to use a slime that’ll melt Shera’s clothes. Damn, what a despicable bastard he is by using monsters to do his bidding!

Fortunately, Diablo and his party have arrived just in time to rescue Shera L. Greenwood, although the demon lord made a ruckus outside Keena’s tent in which the prince went furious that he’s eager to wage war against the humans!

With that said, looks like the demon lord is done rescuing Shera L. Greenwood and now it’s time to go home.

Oh, and she needs to get another set of clothes since hers got melted by a slime.

Then again, Prince Keena won’t give up easily as he uses his mind control magic to “convince” Shera to be his sex slave. Man, can’t he just give it up already!?

But wait, Diablo has the Enslavement Collar in which he commands Shera to show her true feelings.

C’mon, Keena’s Overwrite magic might work against elves, but Diablo still controls his subjects thanks to their collar.

In any case, Shera L. Greenwood told everyone that she wants to be free, free from the confines of the Greenwood Kingdom as Shera wants to stay with both Diablo and Rem Galleu.

Well, looks like Diablo’s Enslavement Collar has worked on Shera and really, Prince Keera should have give up on his sister!

But now, this guy is salty that a mere demon lord is taking Shera away from him, so Keena decided that if he can’t have his sister, he might as well destroy the whole continent with it as the prince summoned Hydra.

Man, I really despise Prince Keena and if this guy is voiced by Takehito Koyasu, I’ll hate him ten- No, a hundred times more because this guy reminds me of Oberon!

Anyways, next time will have Diablo destroy this Hydra with his powerful magic. C’mon, he’s powerful that it’ll be an easy fight for him!

Then again, I’m worried about the aftermath of this because there might be a slight chance that both humans and elves will wage war because of Keena not having his sister to fuck with.

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