Happy Sugar Life Episode #06

Well look what we have here, seems that Shouko Hida encountered Asahi Koube where he’s handing out fliers as usual since Asahi is looking for his sister Shio.

But then, Asahi passed out in which Shouko was shocked to see him. Of course, she can’t leave this boy alone in the cold streets.

So, Shouko Hida gave Asahi Koube some bread to eat since he’s very hungry. Gotta say that Shouko is a life-saver to Asahi as he regained some strength to find his only family member Shio.

Anyways, time for another brief backstory as Asahi and his mother Yuuna made a vow that they’ll live together peacefully from the tyranny that is Asahi and Shio’s father.

Of course, Yuuna-san will have to make her escape with Shio, but Asahi’s mother made a promise that she’ll wait for him… no matter how long it takes!

And speaking of Asahi’s alcoholic father, let’s just say that he’s nothing more than an abomination where he constantly beat the shit out of Asahi because he’s goddamn bored. Oh, and he orders Asahi like a dog, buying booze all day!

God, I can’t express how an asshole his father is and really, it’s no wonder why Asahi’s mother left him together with Shio. In any case, the only thing that Asahi can do is to endure the pain until he reunites with his mother and sister.

Luckily, Asahi has a chance 5 years later when his father suddenly died from drinking too much sake. I guess that his addiction to alcohol has destroy both his mind and body.

Also, fuck Asahi’s father ’cause he deserved getting killed by alcoholism! Sadly for Asahi, he didn’t get to see neither his mother nor Shio after getting out. Worse, his mother might have been killed by someone else.

Now then, let’s end this week’s episode with Shouko Hida telling Satou Matsuzaka to trust her because they’re best friends.

Likewise, Satou trusts Shouko-chan that she invites her friend to her apartment, where Shouko will meet Shio-chan and most likely get herself murdered if she digs deeper into Satou’s castle.

On the other hand, there’s Daichi Kitaumekawa as he’s currently spying on Satou Matsuzaka, thinking that he already figured it out that Satou killed her aunt. But then again, Kitaumekawa-sensei doesn’t know if the contents of that bag he disposed of previously is actually Satou’s aunt.

Still, I think Satou Matsuzaka should eliminate Daichi Kitaumekawa when she has the chance because he poses a threat to her happy sugar life! In any case, I’ll see you next time as Satou Matsuzaka will have to be careful if someone wants to ruin her and Shio-chan.

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