Back Street Girls Episode #08

Oh boy, looks like we’re gonna start this off with some yakuza thugs barging into a restaurant where the Goku Dolls are here for a TV show.

Of course, the truth is that these yakuza thugs are just actors where they’re making a scary prank out of those idols.

But then again, we’re talking about the Goku Dolls here as little did they know that they’re once yakuza thugs themselves.

Gotta say that these yakuza posers are caught off-guard by Airi Yamamoto and the rest of the Goku Dolls!

As for the TV crew? Well, they’re surprised as they originally want to scare the Goku Dolls, but then again they decided to include their tirade in the show because it’s way more interesting!

Meanwhile, here’s Mari Tachibana as she went to the hospital to check up her rectum. You see, Mari has hemorrhoids in which it’s very painful and she still has it now.

Come to think of it, has the doctors already removed Mari’s hemorrhoids apart from changing her gender from a man?

In any case, the attending doctor will take care of those hemorrhoids as she shoves her hand onto Mari’s ass… and she just came from that. Must be nice to be a woman, right?

But in the end though, Inugane will just straight up stomp Mari’s ass ’cause surgeries are expensive. C’mon, he already blow some money in Thailand for turning his useless goons into girls!

Also, it seems that Mari Tachibana’s hemorrhoids got worse because of Inugane’s abuse. Poor Mari…

Finally, here’s Yui Nakamura as the reason why she joined the Goku Dolls is because Yui wants to get away from her father who’s both a drunkard and having hemorrhoids.

Wait, does it remind you of Mari Tachibana where she drinks a lot of booze and has hemorrhoids?

Still, Mari told Yui not to disown her father ’cause even though he acted like an asshole, he’s still part of her family.

It’s kinda funny for Mari Tachibana as she already disowned her father for getting a botched sex-change surgery. Quite an irony there…

Also, it looks like Mari’s hemorrhoids is acting up again as her rectum just exploded in a bloody mess. Looks like Yui Nakamura wants to forget that awful event!

And that’s about it for this episode of Back Street Girls. With 4 episodes left, will the Goku Dolls survive from the haters and rival idol groups? We’ll find that out…

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