Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san Episode #08

Well everyone, this is the last week of summer and while the tenants at Sunoharasou have finally finished their homework, Aki Shiina and the rest will take it easy during those last days.

Anyways, here’s Akkun as he sleeps on Ayaka-san’s lap because he’s about to get his ears cleaned by the caretaker.

And what can I say? Akkun felt blessed as his ears got cleaned by Ayaka Sunohara’s gentle hands. How lucky he is!

Anyways, time for the finale as the tenants at Sunoharasou are here at a local festival in Tokyo.

So while Yuzu Yukimoto and her classmates are having fun somewhere, Aki Shiina will be accompanied by both Nana-sempai and Ayaka-san.

Oh, and Nana’s classmates are here to as both Maiko Osonoi and Mea Uchifuji wants to tease Akkun more until summer is over.

Then again, it seems that he’s being dotted a bit too much as Aki Shiina couldn’t take it anymore.

Therefore, Akkun ran away from Ayaka Sunohara and the rest. However, it seems that it’s a bad idea for Aki to get separated from the tenants at Sunoharasou because he might get lost in the crowd.

Oh and the fireworks display has started as Akkun is eager to watch it together with Ayaka-san and the rest. But now, he’ll have to watch the fireworks alone.

Fortunately, Ayaka-san managed to find Akkun near the river. After all, she has that motherly instinct which helped her on finding her cute male tenant.

With that said, summer has ended once the fireworks display is over. Well, it’s been a fun summer vacation and Akkun won’t forget those moments ever since he moved to Tokyo!

And now, let’s end this episode with Nana Sunohara leaving the dorms as she returns to high school. Man, we’re gonna miss Nana-sempai!

Of course, Aki Shiina wants her to come back next summer because deep down in his heart, Akkun wants to play video games with her. Aww, isn’t it sweet coming from Aki Shiina?

But hey, I’m sure that Nana Sunohara will return someday to play with her juniors including Akkun. Then again, I think she’ll be sticking around for a little longer once the 2nd term starts!

In any case, I’ll see you next time as Aki Shiina and the tenants at Sunoharasou will be going back to school.

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