Summer 2018: The rest of the field… 2nd Half!

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This post is brought you by Nana “Banana” Daiba from Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight as she asks you one question. “Is it bright?”

By the way, sorry for the delays on publishing this post because real-life things have happened to me. Also, I’ll be watching Banana Fish again in the future after stopping for a bit, as well as starting my coverage of Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3. Lastly, I’ll be skipping Shinya! Tensai Bakabon for this post, but that show will return before the end of September.

01. My Hero Academia

Let’s first start things off with My Hero Academia as the provisional hero exams has begun. This will be a tough one for U.A. High School as every hero school across Japan are gonna get them such as Shiketsu High’s Inasa Yoarashi and Camie Utsushimi, plus Ketsubutsu Academy led by Yo Shindou.

Fortunately, the students at U.A. High School have passed the first round of the provisional hero examinations so it’s all good for Izuku “Deku” Midoriya and the rest of Class A. But now, the second part of the exam will be harder as these aspiring heroes will have to rescue people. Oh, and it’s not easy as it sounds, especially Katsuki Bakugou and his hot-headed demeanor.

Still, I’m hoping that everyone will pass the examination ’cause it’ll give them an opportunity to become bonafide heroes in the future. After all, times have changed ever since All Might retired after apprehending the leader of the villains.

02. Island

Moving onto the anime adaptation of Island where Setsuna Sanzenkai is starting to resolve the mysteries in Urashima Island, ranging from helping Karen Kurutsu on finding her mother’s whereabouts in the main island, to rescuing Sara Garando from her terrible fate due to her parents’ cursed past.

And speaking of Setsuna, it turns out that he’s not the man that Rinne Ohara remembered as there’s another man named Setsuna who was pushed towards the cliff by her father. And by the way, Rinne might not have the soot blight syndrome at all, but her father has it in which he died right after killing Setsuna. Man, will the real Setsuna please stand up?

Still, he needs to get back his memories and find a way to save the island’s future. And one more thing, I feel that Rinne’s mother Kuon needs to tell everything regarding Urashima Island, including her daughter Rinne in which she was actually disappeared 5 years ago during a stormy night before going back to Urashima via time-travel.

03. Gundam Build Divers

And now, let’s end this post with Gundam Build Divers where Riku Mikami is getting stronger in Gunpla Battle Nexus that he might become one of the challengers in the upcoming Raid Battle. Not to be outdone, Yukio Hikada gets better in GBN as he’ll get a new Gunpla in the future.

But you know what, I think it’s time to discuss about Sarah as it turns out that her existence as an El-Diver has caused Gunpla Battle Nexus to have bugs even without the presence of Break Decals. Heck, she even has an evil clone of herself as well. And because of this, the Game Master declared Sarah’s presence as a threat to GBN and thus it must be deleted before the game itself went kaput.

However, I feel that Riku and the rest of Build Divers will find a way to save both Sarah and GBN, so I believe that they’ll make this impossible task into a possibility. Lastly, it turns out that Koichi’s sister Nanami Nanase will be joining Build Divers. I wonder what her Gunpla looks like.

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Anyways, let’s end this post with Hikari Kagura, also from Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight where she already became a threat to Banana’s repeat performance of Starlight.

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