Happy Sugar Life Episode #08

Hey everyone, I’m the guy who draws Satou Matsuzaka at apartment number 1208. While I used to make replicas of famous paintings, seeing Satou-chan makes me want to sketch her until it’s complete.

By the way, I have to say that Satou-chan used to be an emotionless girl who’s curious about love and other things, which I somewhat like her in a platonic way. I wish that I want Satou to remain in an incomplete state forever so I’ll be the one who’ll make her complete.

But then, everything changed when Satou brought a little girl. I don’t know who that girl is, but I felt disgust that someone other than me would make Matsuzaka very happy and fulfilled.

Therefore, I’ve decided to strangle this little girl because she’s a nuisance to my affection towards Satou Matsuzaka!

And just I’m about to choke this girl to death, someone whack me in the head with an easel. Before I knew it, I felt regret on my actions as Satou killed me before I finish my masterpiece. Anyways, I’m dead and that’s about it for my story!

Just kidding, it’s not like this post will end there as what you see are the last moment of the unnamed tenant at apartment number 1208. Come to think of it, was the trash bag that Daichi Kitaumekawa put into an incinerator actually contained the remains of the unnamed tenant?

Still, gotta say that he shouldn’t done that in the first place and that’s why Satou-chan became a deranged guardian to Shio Koube.

Now let’s move onto the present where we have Taiyou Mitsuboshi who’s still obsessed by Shio Koube.

C’mon, he was traumatized by an older woman that Taiyou wants to get salvation from Shio-chan, because she’s pure in his eyes that Mitsuboshi wants Shio-chan to purify his soul.

That’s until Satou Matsuzaka appeared behind Taiyou Mitsuboshi in which she knows that Taiyou is obsessed with Shio.

Of course, Satou won’t kill him yet so she decides to manipulate him by helping her out on eliminating Shio’s brother Asahi. In exchange, Satou will let Taiyou see Shio-chan because he likes being patted by her.

And finally, here’s Shouko Hida as she’s comforted by Asahi Koube after last week’s episode where Shouko got creeped out by Satou’s aunt.

Glad that Shouko has someone who cares about her, even though she’s the one who’s helping Asahi on finding his sister Shio.

Speaking of Asahi, he found a clue that will lead him into finding Shio-chan. But then again, it could be a trap!

In any case, I can’t wait for the next episode because it might become the confrontation between Satou and Asahi. And boy, I feel that it’s gonna be a carnage!

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