Back Street Girls Episode #09

“I’m being scouted by a different company!”

Oh my, seems that Yui Nakamura is being scouted by a different talent company and she’s conflicted on whether to remain in Goku Dolls or leave. Yeah, that’s alarming to Inugane’s ears but who’s trying to recruit Yui?

Oh, it’s Natsuko Tanaka where she and various haters have gathered together to crush the Goku Dolls… using idols of course!

Yeah, it’s ironic that Natsuko wants to use idols to destroy the Goku Dolls, despite her immense hatred of idols and its culture.

So, the only way to remain Yui into the group is by convincing her to stay. After all, Airi and the rest deeply cares for Yui-chan and Rina!

Meanwhile, Inugane orders his men to roughen up Natsuko Tanaka and her anti-Goku Dolls group. C’mon, they’ll solve it the yakuza way but I have to say that Inugane’s men shouldn’t hurt Natsuko-san.

See? Inugane is angry that his wife is getting beat up by his goons! Therefore, he saves Natsuko from getting killed because Inugane really cares for her!

And as for Natsuko Tanaka? Well, she warmed up a bit as Natsuko-san is now doting Inugane. Well, it’s a drastic change of personality where Natsuko used to be cold towards Inugane.

As for the Goku Dolls? Well, they’re safe for the time being because Natsuko decided not to destroy them. Then again, Airi Yamamoto and her fellow idols are kinda creeped out a bit!

Finally, it’s time to end this week’s episode as the camera crew are currently visiting the talent agency where the Goku Dolls reside and train to become better idols.

Then again, it’s a bad idea for the camera crew to just take a peek to the lives of the Goku Dolls because they lived through hell and back!

Anyways, the camera crew went in and they saw a topless Rina as she’s finished her workout. Um, I think they should cut that part because they can’t let kids watch this!

As for the TV crew, let’s just say that they decided to cut the camera and leave. Gotta say that they had a bizarre experience upon visiting the Goku Dolls’ workplace.

With that said, next episode might be the final one for Back Street Girls I believe. Will they survive or die as idols? We’ll find that out next time!

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