Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san Episode #11

Oh boy, looks like Aki Shiina just woke up by a girl in her lingerie. Wait, could it be that it’s the mysterious person that Akkun is scared about?

Anyways, it turns out that this mysterious person is actually Matsuri Shiina who is actually Aki’s older sister.

Oh, and why Aki is dressed up as a girl? Well, Matsuri did it because she really treats him as a little sister. Feels bad being treated like a girl, Akk- I mean Aki-chan!

In any case, the reason Matsuri went to Tokyo is because she wants to bring Aki-chan back to Shizuoka, but Akkun says no because he wants to stay in Sunoharasou. And really, he’s not being treated as a girl… Well, except for Yuri Kazami.

And not only that, there’s Ayaka Sunohara where she takes care of Akkun ever since he came to the dormitory. After all, Ayaka-san is a mother to Aki Shiina!

Heck, even Ayaka’s tits is bigger that Matsuri got buried by her soft, motherly breasts. Still, Matsuri won’t lose to the caretaker of Sunoharasou.

But you know what, I think it’s time for Ayaka Sunohara to bring in the big guns as she made Genkotsu Hamburg steak, perfect for both Matsuri and Aki since both of them came from Shizuoka.

Then again, Matsuri won’t let Ayaka-san take care of her Aki-chan.

Unfortunately for Matsuri, seems that Ayaka’s Genkotsu Hamburg steak is so good that she lost control instead of telling her that it tastes bad. Well, looks like Matsuri will have to give up on taking Aki back to Shizuoka!

Still, Matsuri won’t give up on taking Aki-chan back to her hometown as she’s tailing on her brother, shopping some ingredients with Ayaka-san.

But once Ayaka lowered her guard, Akkun was gone as he was taken away by his older sister. That’s quite unfortunate!

Then again, Matsuri is having trouble navigating the streets of Tokyo since it’s bigger than Shizuoka. Well, she shouldn’t underestimate the metropolis that is Tokyo!

And worst of all, Matsuri got a sprained ankle after getting tripped by the stairway. That’s not good!

However, Matsuri got a lift from her brother Aki-chan. Oh wait, Akkun as he proves himself that he’s a reliable man to everybody, including Matsuri.

See, Akkun is a big boy now and Matsuri should treat him as a real little brother!

Anyways, looks like Matsuri Shiina went back to Sunoharasou safe and sound thanks to Aki Shiina. And once Ayaka-san heals her sprained ankle, Matsuri decided not to take her brother back to her hometown as she left Tokyo for good.

Just kidding, it’s not like Matsuri will be gone forever as she’ll stick around in Tokyo for much longer. C’mon, Matsuri wants to be with Aki-chan! With that said, looks like I’ll be seeing you next time for the finale!

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