Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight Episode #11

And so, the auditions have ended and Hikari Kagura has become the Top Star. But instead of getting her own fated stage, Hikari simply disappeared without saying good-bye to Karen Aijou.

It’s sucks that history has repeated itself as they re-enact the Starlight stage play in the worst time during the auditions. Not only that, but the consequences of getting Top Star at the cost of everyone’s radiance is immense, despite the fact that Hikari didn’t want to take their radiance away.

This includes Karen Aijou in which her motivation to perform went kaput. And that happened 7 months after Hikari’s disappearance in which she desperately finds her childhood friend to no avail.

Gotta say that seeing Karen like that is making me sad. After all, Hikari is the one who changed Karen in which she takes the audition very seriously. Without Hikari around, Karen has nothing to act for in the upcoming 100th Seisho Festival.

However, seems that Karen Aijou has a glimmer of hope as she looks at the book “Starlight Gatherer”, which the main character Claire became a prisoner in the tower. She didn’t make her wish come true with Flora, and thus Claire lock herself up to atone her sins.

Karen thought that her childhood friend is still beneath Seisho Music Academy and maybe, Hikari is still alive there. And so, Karen is determined to find Hikari-chan… by deciphering the entire book and translating it. Um, it would be better if she barge her way in ’cause it turns out that Hikari became the prisoner just like Claire.

In any case, Karen Aijou went back to the underground where the auditions take place. But she’s not here to participate as Karen will get Hikari back.

Oh, and she’s not going to go by herself as Karen got the support of her fellow Stage Girls. Still, it’ll be a hard journey to get Hikari back to the surface but what happened to her?

Well, it turns out that she’s still alive, but naked and exposed to the harsh environment. Gotta say that even though Hikari is repenting her sins for taking Karen’s radiance, she doesn’t need to walk around the desert in the nude!

Anyways, next episode will be the finale of Revue Starlight as Karen Aijou will try to rescue Hikari Kagura and defy this tragic fate, ’cause it feels so empty without Hikari!

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