Happy Sugar Life Episode #11

Well everyone, I hope that you’re ready for the penultimate episode as Satou Matsuzaka are preparing to leave her apartment together with Shio Koube.

After all, they can’t stay in the castle forever because they’re being hunted down by a deranged Asahi Koube.

And speaking of the devil himself, Asahi kidnapped Taiyou Mitsuboshi and asked him in regards to his sister’s whereabouts.

Oh and Asahi Koube won’t take a “No” or “I don’t know” for an answer, because he’s gonna torture Taiyou-kun by pulling his nails out… which is the most painful thing aside from whacking him with a metal baseball bat.

Anyways, Asahi Koube orders Taiyou Mitsuboshi to gather information in regards to Satou Matsuzaka’s address. Otherwise, he’ll torture the shit out of Mitsuboshi until Taiyou-kun is stuffed into a body bag and burn him.

Meanwhile, let’s go back to Satou Matsuzaka where she visited her aunt and asked her for some help. This is rare coming from Satou-chan as she despise her aunt and her twisted love.

Of course, Satou’s aunt won’t help her because she told her niece that she’s just an innocent child who would rather rely on adults than herself.

Then again, let’s just say that Satou-chan is not innocent because she had slept with various men before. Not only that, she already killed a few people which is why she doesn’t want to waste time in this town.

In any case, looks like Satou-chan will have to convince her aunt by force. But even then, her aunt is a masochist and she’s okay being punched by her own niece. Yeah, that’s really fucked up!

Now let’s go back to Mitsuboshi where he went to his workplace to find Matsuzaka’s address. By the time he already found the address, I have to say that Satou-chan and Shio-chan are already gone.

And speaking of these two girls, they’ll have a ride with Satou’s aunt. Don’t know if she can drive without wrecking everybody, let alone having a driving license.

Oh and speaking of Satou’s aunt, she’s surprised to see Satou’s new and cute lover. But you know what, I think she needs to stay away from Shio-chan because Satou’s aunt is a bad influence.

Anyways, looks like Satou Matsuzaka and Shio Koube will be leaving town because they don’t want to encounter a deranged Asahi Koube!

And as for Taiyou Mitsuboshi however, seems that he got the wrong address as Taiyou-kun didn’t find Shio-chan. Poor guy, I guess he won’t get a dose of Shio’s purification…

Instead, Mitsuboshi will have a dose of Satou’s aunt, which she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty on Taiyou-kun. RIP Mitsuboshi!

Now then, let’s hope that Satou and Shio-chan are already away from Asahi ’cause the next episode will be the last one… unless a tragedy befalls on them.

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