Shichisei no Subaru Episode #11

Well, seems that the mysterious guy that appeared in the previous episode has disappeared. However, let me tell you something important as that guy is using a Sense in the real world, manipulating time as he pleases.

And since that guy is using a Sense, he’s probably part of Gnosis which is why he wants to use Asahi’s Prophet Art to create an ideal world for them, one that’ll make them the overlords of the entire human race. But that’s just me…

Anyways, let’s go back to Re’Union where Subaru encountered a familiar tower. This is the Tower of the White Water Spirit which Haruto and his friends cleared it 6 years ago.

Now, this tower reappeared courtesy of Nozomi where she created it using her Sense. Well, Nozomi was controlled by Gnosis so they have full reign of her Sense.

With that said, they entered the tower where Haruto and his friends are feeling the sense of dread within the top of the tower. Well, they should prepare themselves to fight Nozomi…

…as she’s here to summon her monsters using her Sense. Gotta say that she wants to welcome her friends with her annoying critters.

Not only that, but Nozomi changed her appearance into a sexy demon. While her new look will turn on to most people, Nozomi is not playing around as she’s very dangerous.

Fortunately, Takanori has decided to save Nozomi as it’s his fault for letting his friend join to the dark side…

…by using force such as pushing her away. Um Takanori, I think violence is not the answer to your problems.

Anyways, Takanori pushed Nozomi down so hard that he crack the floor which plummet down. I’m hoping that they’re okay.

Luckily, they’re okay as Takanori is trying to convince Nozomi to stop her malice against him and his friends. C’mon, he’s the one who made a misunderstanding back in Episode 9.

With that said, he decided to let Nozomi punch him because he realized that violence is not the answer. Rather, he let Nozomi vent her frustration on him as she really loves Takanori.

Of course, Takanori doesn’t want to get a game over as he unlocked his Divinity Sense, which Takanori told Nozomi that he’s an idiot for not realizing her true feeling and felt sorry about it.

Not only that, but he wants Nozomi to break out of her shell and be herself instead of being influenced by other people.

Well, I have to give props to Takanori for not being oblivious to Nozomi’s feelings. If only Haruto will do the same…

And so, Takanori’s Divinity Sense has purified Nozomi’s spirit. Now that she’s back to normal, it’s time to stop Cerinthus and Marcion once and for all.

Unfortunately, turns out that someone shot Haruto in the heart. Who would do such a thing?

Oh, it’s Asahi as it turns out that Gnosis controlled her mind to shoot Haruto, which will force her to use the Prophet Art.

Damn, this is the worst situation ever for Subaru as we’re approaching towards the finale. Will Gnosis finally get their hands of the Prophet Art and take over the world? Let’s hope that Subaru will have a miracle to turn this situation around!

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