Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san Episode #12

Well everyone, we’re now getting closer to the finale as Aki Shiina and Ayaka Sunohara spends their last days for this year in a kotatsu. C’mon, it’s cold in Tokyo and they need to warm themselves up!

Speaking of Ayaka-san, she wants to feed Akkun with mandarins because she’s a mother to him and the rest of the Sunoharasou tenants.

See? Ayaka-san wants to baby-sit Akkun whatever she can, even though he wants to be a man to her!

Now then, it’s time for the tenants and Nana’s friends to celebrate Christmas Eve. Everybody is dressed up as either Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, or a reindeer.

Heck, even Ayaka-san has joined the party. By the way, she’s serving chicken, not turkey.

Also, Nishiki Yatsuho is here for a drink with Ayaka-san. But then again, there are minors here so Yatsuho should drink her booze elsewhere or drink some fruit juice instead.

And lastly, here’s Matsuri Shiina as I told in the previous post that she’ll be back. In fact, Matsuri transferred to a high school in Tokyo so she can see Aki-chan in her free time. What a genius move there!

Anyways, looks like it’s time to celebrate Christmas Day as Aki wants to stay awake so he can see Santa Claus. C’mon, he’s one of those people who believes in Santa.

Fortunately, Akkun is joined by Yuzu Yukimoto as she wants to keep him awake. But then again, Yuzu will eventually fall asleep and so is Akkun.

This gives both Ayaka-san and Matsuri to sneak inside Aki’s room and hand out presents. Of course, Akkun is looking forward to see Santa Claus and it’s sucks that he fell asleep.

In any case, both Ayaka-san and Matsuri hand out their presents to Akkun. Oh, and Yuzu too because Ayaka won’t forget about her.

Still, it’s sucks that Aki Shiina won’t see Santa Claus as he’s looking forward for it.

But you know what, let’s just say that Akkun saw a glimpse of Santa Claus where he thinks that this Santa resembles Ayaka Sunohara. Don’t tell him that Ayaka-san is Santa Claus.

Well then, looks like Aki Shiina enjoyed Christmas Day in Tokyo. It’s all possible by Ayaka Sunohara and the tenants at Sunoharasou. By the way, it’s all just a dream by Akkun!

And now, it’s time to end this series as they bring in the new year. Well, I have nothing to say because it was an enjoyable slice-of-life anime series.

With that said, thanks for watching the daily lives of Ayaka-san and the tenants at Sunoharasou!

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