Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight Episode #12

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the climatic conclusion to Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight where the main girls from 99th Class are preparing dinner.

Of course, they’ll share their cooked food with both Karen Aijou and Hikari Kagura once they returned to Seisho Academy! Well, that depends on whether they can get out alive or not…

Meanwhile, here’s Hikari Kagura as she’s lifting star-shaped rocks and building a tower in order to reach that star.

Of course, her efforts are crushed when Hikari and her tower got hit by a star-shaped wrecking ball. Despite this, Hikari continues to make a tower in order to reach it.

But come to think of it, I feel that this is what her fated stage looks likes, an endless story of the Starlight Gatherer in which it shows Hikari’s futile attempts to reach the star. Also, I feel that it’s her way of repenting her sins by doing the same role as Claire.

Fortunately, Karen Aijou arrived to bring Hikari Kagura back to the surface, although it’ll be hard for Karen to snap her friend back to reality…

…as Karen got caught in Hikari’s solo stage play. Well, gotta say that Karen came (and fell) like a wrecking ball!

However, Karen won’t give up just because her friend is doing the Starlight stage play alone as she told Hikari about their childhood promise…

…right down to their exchange of hair clips in which Hikari gave the crown one to Karen, while Karen gave the star-shaped clip to her friend.

With that said, Hikari Kagura remembered her promise with Karen Aijou as she snaps back to reality. Well then, I guess they can go home now!

However, Hikari and Karen will have to participate in another battle as the giraffe said so because Hikari’s fated stage got interrupted.

With that said, looks like Karen Aijou will have to jump into the fray just like in the first episode. But this time, it’s between her and Hikari Kagura.

Anyways, this is their final stage, the last act of not only the Starlight stage play, but also their story between childhood friends.

As you can see, both Hikari and Karen are going all-out towards this final act.

And here’s the giraffe, telling us that you are all enjoyed this spectacle, this unexpected stage in which he (and you) have yearned for!

Sadly, Karen Aijou goes down much like Flora. It seems that no matter what she do, Karen can’t fight fate…

…as the tower splits into half, separating both Hikari and Karen much like the ending of the Starlight stage play.

However, it appears that Karen Aijou refused to accept her tragic fate as she’s reborn to rewrite the story and take back Hikari!

Not only she’s back to her feet and climbed back from the bottom, but Karen-chan summoned the Tokyo Tower that’ll be used as a bridge to reach her friend.

As for the giraffe, he is amazes to see this series of events in which he’s filled with ecstasy.

For him, this is what he really yearned for, a stage that’s never seen before. Even you are astonished to see it!

In any case, it’s time for the continuation of the Starlight stage play as both Karen and Hikari have reached beyond the ending.

Scratch that, they’ve reached the golden ending after Karen Aijou rewrote the story thanks to her powerful brilliance and her never-ending spirit!

And so, both Stage Girls approached each other as they’re about to clash swords again…

…until one pin got slashed away. With that said, the revue has ended but we don’t know who won the battle.

That’s until we see the aftermath where Hikari’s coat has fallen off, thus she lost the battle to Karen.

However, it doesn’t matter who won or lost as both Hikari Kagura and Karen Aijou have finally got their wish together.

But that’s the end of Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight as we’re all entertained to watch this show throughout the entire 12 episodes. Even you have become like a giraffe!

And here’s both Hikari and Karen as they share the stage together as Top Stars! It was truly a magnificent ending to this new series from both Bushiroad and Kinema Citrus.

Anyways, I must say that Revue Starlight has more depth to it as it not only celebrates the brilliance of the Takarazuka Revue which the series is based on, but it also shows the criticism of it as Revue Starlight wants to defy the usual conventions from Takarazuka Revue itself such as having one Top Star, the competitive mindset, and so on. Also, the story itself is very interesting, especially in second half when all the major players like Nana Daiba are involved during the auditions that you are hooked to see it.

While I have nothing to say about the music and the animation since they’re top-notch, I give props to Kinema Citrus for doing a damn good job despite the studio having a crunch time on finishing the series. With that said, I’m truly impressed on watching Revue Starlight and while I feel that there’s nothing to tell after this series, I think Bushiroad will continue to market this franchise for many years to come! In fact, there’s a stage play coming up real soon and maybe I should check it out too. Anyways, I hope you understand and enjoy watching Revue Starlight!

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