Happy Sugar Life Episode #12

Well everyone, I know that they have a plane to catch but Satou Matsuzaka wants to see her friend for one last time, albeit in a decaying state since Shouko Hida got killed by her.

But first, Satou-chan will have to remove her ring before touching Shouko for one last time. After all, she didn’t want her ring getting stained.

However, Satou-chan realized that she left her ring at her apartment. Um Satou Matsuzaka, I think you shouldn’t left your ring there.

But anyways, Satou Matsuzaka got her ring back and now it’s time for her and Shio Koube to get out of their apartment.

Now, let’s hope that both Satou and Shio-chan will have to get out here fast before Asahi comes to get them.

However, looks like both girls didn’t get out in time as a certain Asahi Koube arrived at the apartment complex.

And really, he’s really mad as hell right now as Asahi demanded Satou to give Shio-chan back to him.

Well Satou, you should keep your ring at all times and look what happened!

Meanwhile, here’s Satou’s aunt as she lights a fire with her trusty lighter…

…which then proceeds to set the entire 12th floor ablaze. Let’s hope that Satou and Shio won’t go there.

However, they went up to the 12th floor as Shio-chan protects Satou from Asahi. Let’s just say that she won’t intend to return to her mother after being abandoned.

But then, Asahi explains that the reason why their mother left Shio-chan is because she realized that she’s becoming like her abusive husband.

So, their mother went back to their old home where she did the deed… by putting poison on her husband’s sake.

And while there’s much rejoicing that the devil has been slain, they won’t have those happy days as a family because Yuuna Koube is messed up pretty badly.

Still, Asahi won’t have his happy family life very soon as he got blasted away. I mean, it’s hot and dangerous at the apartment right now thanks to Satou’s aunt.

Anyways, both Satou Matsuzaka and Shio Koube went to the rooftop and unfortunately for them, the fire exit is sealed off so there’s nowhere to escape.

With that said, there’s only one thing left to do but to jump off the building as a lovers’ suicide, as Shio-chan told Satou on how much she loved her ever since Matsuzaka picked her up.

Gotta say that despite being grim nature of this situation, I have to say that it was a heartwarming event for both Satou and Shio-chan!

In any case, they jumped off the building as the scene features some happy moments together, should Satou and Shio-chan managed to leave the country.

But for Satou Matsuzaka however, she’s blessed that her encounter with Shio Koube has changed her to the point that Satou is experiencing real love for the first time, despite what everyone says to her!

And so, Satou Matsuzaka falls down to the pavement where she died on the spot. And since Satou fell down together with Shio Koube, let’s just say that she died too.

With that said, this is the end of this crazy night as firefighters put out the flames on the 12th floor.

Afterwards, the police have arrested Satou’s aunt for arson. Gotta say that despite her efforts of letting her niece happy, Satou’s aunt is the one to blame for trapping her own relative until Satou-chan is forced to jump off from a 12-storey building.

Also, there’s more arrests by the police as Daichi Kitaumekawa got apprehended for being a pedophile and possibly throwing the unnamed tenant of Room 1208 at the incinerator.

Well, I must say that Kitaumekawa-sensei got what he deserves for digging deeper into Satou’s life!

Meanwhile, looks like Taiyou Mitsuboshi has become a shell of himself after being ravaged by Satou’s aunt.

Seems that he’s ruined forever and not only that, but Taiyou-kun won’t see Shio Koube ever again.

Lastly, here’s Asahi Koube as he visits a relative with a bouquet of flowers at hand. I wonder who that person is?

Not only that, but this person holds a memento from someone who died recently. Hmm, could this person be the one during that fiery siege?

Why of course, it’s none other than Shio Koube as it turns out that she survived the fall because Satou Matsuzaka protected her. Even though she’s alive which Asahi is happy to reunite with his sister, Shio-chan’s life has changed forever as she’s now become like Satou Matsuzaka, her only love in her life.

And that concludes the story of Happy Sugar Life. What a roller-coaster ride I have witnessed where Satou’s happy sugar life ends in a tragedy. But then again, her legacy lives onto Shio Koube as she has become the disturbing character ever since Satou died. Anyways, it was an intriguing story because you have a psycho protecting Shio-chan and her life out of love, but I wish I want to see more in regards to the Koube family or even Satou’s horrible experience with her aunt.

Still, it was a good anime adaptation by Ezόla and I give props to them on their first series. And while the manga is still ongoing as of this writing, let’s just say that this is how it ends. Nobody got a happy ending, except for Shio Koube!

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