Fall 2018: The rest of the field…

This post is brought you by Love Live! School Idol Festival ALL STARS where you not only have both μ’s and Aqours, but also the girls from Nijigasaki Academy School Idol Club. While I’m not into mobile phone games, it’s nice to see 3 generations of school idols come together for this crossover.

By the way, I know that I haven’t finished watching some shows that aired in Summer 2018, but I need to get this off from my chest as I’m here for my thoughts on anime shows that aired in Fall 2018!

01. Hinomaru Zumou

Let’s start things off with an anime adaptation of a Weekly Shonen Jump title called Hinomaru Zumou. This is a story of Hinomaru Ushio, a sumo wrestler who’s feared by other people back in his elementary school days. Despite being small, Hinomaru proved that you don’t need to be big when he has ripped muscles to stand his ground and push his opponents out of the ring.

Anyways, this anime series is quite interesting and while there are shows that featured professional sumo, Hinomaru Zumou is the one that featured amateur sumo and seriously, I got hooked on this show due to the fact that you have Hinomaru who’s not only chivalrous when it comes to the sport, but he’s determined to become a yokozuna someday despite his height. Of course, Hinomaru needs to start somewhere by enrolling to Odachi High School where he must rebuild the sumo club in order for him and other club members to reach the nationals.

02. Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet

Next up is Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet (or Boarding School Juliet) where it’s basically a different take on William Shakespeare’s classic stage play Romeo and Juliet. Speaking of Romeo and Juliet, Gonzo put a spin on that classic tale more than 10 years ago with Romeo x Juliet.

But anyways, you have Romio Inuzuka and Juliet Persia who are rivals since they’re kids, with Romio hailing from the Black Dogs of Touwa while Juliet came from the White Cats of Western Principality. And really, you can tell that Touwa are the Montagues while the Principality of the West are the Capulets.

Then again, whether Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet will end in a tragedy or not is up to the viewers or even the original author of this series. With that said, both Romio Inuzuka and Juliet Persia fall in love and they need to keep their relationship a secret or something terrible will happen!

03. Zombieland Saga

And now, I end this post with the surprising entry to Fall 2018 called Zombieland Saga. At first, this show is about zombies obviously with the main character Sakura Minamoto becoming one after getting hit by a truck 10 years ago and got revived by an eccentric man named Kotaro Tatsumi.

Sure that it’ll be your typical horror show during the first half with Sakura being chased by the undead before realizing that she became a zombie, but it soon turned out that Zombieland Saga became another idol anime show where Sakura and a few zombie girls must form a group to save the Saga Prefecture from being lost into obscurity. God, what the fuck did I just pick this show up? Oh wait, I was curious that’s why! Anyways, I’ll watch this show just for its absurdity!

Anyways, let’s end this post with Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight as I’m still affected by this series.

It’s one of the most surprising shows that aired in 2018 and I feel that I need to watch the stage play next!

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  1. I was interested in the Zombie anime, but if I’m going to watch an idol anime, I’m going with Revue Starlight

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