Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl-senpai no Yume wo Minai Episode #02

This is Rio Futaba as she demonstrates the Schrödinger’s cat experiment towards Sakuta Azusagawa.

This experiment is somewhat a close representation of the Puberty Syndrome, especially in Mai Sakurajima’s case where she’s present, but not existed to most people as if Mai-sempai is invisible.

On the other hand, Sakuta Azusagawa learned about Mai Sakurajima’s showbiz hiatus in which she got mad at him.

Just to let you know, the reason why Mai-sempai went on hiatus is because she’s at odds with her mother in which she forced her daughter to do a gravure photoshoot to earn money. Then again, I wonder how did Sakuta gained that info?

Well, he asked this reporter named Fumika Nanjou who loves to find scoops of various oddities like the Puberty Syndrome. With that said, Azusagawa asked Nanjou to give him the information about Mai’s showbiz career in exchange for having this reporter take a photo of his scar.

Of course, Sakurajima don’t want other reporters swarming the Azusagawa residence so Mai-sempai told Fumika-san not to release the photo, in exchange for giving her another scoop in which Azusagawa will return to showbiz under a different talent agency.

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene as Sakuta is about to go on a date with Mai-sempai, but not before he helps this little girl on finding her mother.

However, someone kicked Azusagawa in the rear by some random girl who claims that he’s a predator. Um, I think she’s making a misunderstanding her as Sakuta is just helping a little girl, not kidnap her.

Realizing that she’s in the wrong for attacking Azusagawa, this girl lets him kick her ass so that they’re even. Um, I think someone would make a misunderstanding about this!

But anyways, Sakuta kicked the girl’s butt and then the police arrived to arrest him for assault. See? I told you that it’s gonna make a misunderstanding if Azusagawa kicked someone’s ass!

Fortunately, Sakuta Azusagawa got away unscathed after explaining to the police about what happened at the park.

Of course, Mai Sakurajima got mad at him for getting late at their date. Never mind, it’s not even a date but whatever.

But more importantly, Sakuta told Mai-sempai about a person who’s very important to him in regards to the Puberty Syndrome.

Anyways, this is Shoko Makinohara and she’s the one who saved Sakuta from sinking deeper into despair that he attend to Minegahara High School in order to meet his savior.

Sadly, Sakuta didn’t meet Shoko again as he was told that there’s no such student attending at Minegahara High School. Could it be that Shoko Makinohara died before the start of the show, or she didn’t exist at all? Regardless, he attended Minegahara anyway in hopes on meeting with Shoko again.

Moving onto the next scene where Mai Sakurajima will meet her mother to discuss her intent of transferring to another agency and return to showbiz.

However, seems that Mai’s mother couldn’t see her own daughter as she went past Mai-sempai, as if she didn’t have one to begin with.

Damn, that was cruel coming from her mother and I have to say that Mai’s Puberty Syndrome has gone worse than I thought!

With that said, both Sakuta Azusagawa and Mai Sakurajima went to faraway places in hopes that some people would remember Mai-sempai.

But then again, it doesn’t solve her Puberty Syndrome in which she remains non-existent when going to densely-populated cities.

In any case, looks like Mai-sempai will have to spend her time with Sakuta as he promised not to forget her. Also, don’t expect them having sex despite sleeping on the same bed. C’mon, this is not an ecchi show!

Well then, I hope that the next episode will finally resolve Mai’s Puberty Syndrome. But then again, I’m worried that she might cease to exist forever.

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