Summer 2018: The end of the rest…

This post is brought you by Mikoto Misaka and her friends as it was announced that To Aru Kagaku no Railgun will have a 3rd Season as it was announced a week ago at this year’s Dengeki Bunko’s Fall Festival. Combined with To Aru Majutsu no Index III which is still airing as we speak, seems that Kazuma Kamachi’s series and its spinoffs are getting some attention after a long hiatus and it’s not over yet!

But anyways, it’s time to end my report on Summer 2018 as I present you my final thoughts for shows that aired during summer!

01. Gundam Build Divers

Let’s begin with Gundam Build Divers where Riku Mikami and the rest of Build Divers are in a huge crisis as Sarah is being threatened of deletion by the administration led by Game Master Katsuragi.

With some help from various friends at Gunpla Battle Nexus plus some external assistance from Sarah’s creator Ms. Tori and Tsukasa Shiba, Sarah was not only rescued from Avalon’s Force Nest in which Kyouya Kujo held her captive (Well, he was not intend to delete her in the first place) but managed to transfer her consciousness into a Gunpla made by Koichi Nanase. Yeah, isn’t that cute? Oh, and Build Divers and other GBN players managed to save their game from destruction.

As for my final thoughts on this series? I feel that Gundam Build Divers is okay, but it’s not that special despite taking the series into a darker shift like how to deal on saving both Sarah and GBN without giving up the other. While the heroes saved both the girl and the game through sheer determination and friendship, there’s a mystery that’s left unanswered like who created the Break Decals and who is Ms. Tori. Regardless, all that matters is Bandai selling you more Gunpla. Heck, you might even own the Sarah Gunpla soon enough!

02. Island

Next up is Island where things took a drastic turn with many revelations revealed. Turns out that there’s an existence of time machines in which another Setsuna used it to save Rinne Ohara. And speaking of time machines, it doesn’t send someone to the past, but rather puts a person to a cryogenic sleep until someone woke up from it. Then again, how did Setsuna came back to the past when his device just froze his body?

Oh yeah and speaking of Setsuna Sanzenkai, he went to the future where Setsuna met another Rinne, fall in love and have sex afterwards just before going back to cryogenic sleep. And here’s the thing though, this future Rinne decided that she can’t leave Setsuna alone so she went back to the past too where the future Rinne became Kuon and gave birth to their daughter, who’s also named Rinne. Confused yet? Even I can’t comprehend it!

Regardless of this confusing plot regarding time-travel, what’s important is that Setsuna Sanzenkai managed to save Urashima Island by solving Karen Kurutsu and Sara Garando’s problems ahead of time, as well as reuniting with the future Rinne in which they married afterwards. With that said, this anime show is good but it left me blowing my mind!

03. Shinya! Tensai Bakabon

Moving onto Shinya! Tensai Bakabon where after binge-watching 12 episodes, gotta say that Bakabon’s family, mostly with Papa, loves to jab into other things like mobile games (and their micro-transactions), turning objects into people like Doki Doki! Unko Danshi (even as far as making a dating sim out of it), the anime industry, TV Tokyo and Avex, the list goes on! Heck, they even invite real people ranging from popular seiyuus like Masako Nozawa, to famous celebrities like Yoshiki Hayashi from X Japan.

However, the most shocking thing that happened during the course of this series is putting the cast into a real-life setting where their antics have consequences and it’s really depressing to see Bakabon and his family falling apart, which is not how this series should be. Despite not being as popular as Osomatsu-san, what’s important is that the Bakabon family stays together in the end and that’s how it should be… Well, except for the first and last episode in which it’ll be pulled out due to copyright infringement!

04. My Hero Academia

And now, it’s time to end this post with the conclusion of My Hero Academia Season 3. The provisional hero license exam is finally over and only a few students got passed. For U.A. High School’s Hero Class 1-A however, only two people didn’t make it which includes Shouto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugou.

While the former got distracted by Inasa Yoarashi (which Yoarashi was also didn’t get his license), the latter didn’t even bother to act heroic like saving people from villains. Speaking of Bakugou, he’s so frustrated on not making it that Katsuki decides to challenge Izuku Midoriya to a duel in order to learn more on why Deku got so strong. In the end though, the duel concluded when nobody won but Katsuki Bakugou soon learned that All Might chose Izuku Midoriya as his successor since All Might (or Toshinori Yagi) couldn’t use his Quirk for longer periods.

In any case, I have to say that while My Hero Academia is getting better with the 3rd season, I really wish that Season 3 should end with All Might defeating the big boss of the League of Villains. That’ll be a satisfying conclusion to be honest. Instead, Season 3 ends with the arrival of the Big Three which are the best 3rd year students at U.A. High School. It’s basically a set-up for the next story arc, but I’ll have to wait for next year to find out!

Anyways, let’s end this post with Accelerator and Last Order… as it announced that the anime adaptation of To Aru Kagaku no Accelerator will happen in the near future. All I can say is that it’s great to be a To Aru fan!

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