Anima Yell! Episode #02

This is Kohane Hatoya as she got a full cheerleading squad to compete at the national tournament. Isn’t it nice?

Then again, it’s all just a dream and Hatoya is not yet ready to become a cheerleader unless Kohane undergoes some basic training. More importantly, is she up to the task?

With that said, time for Kohane Hatoya to learn the ropes from Hizume Arima in which she tests Kohane in regards to her physical abilities.

Sadly, Kohane couldn’t bend herself beyond 90 degrees as she’s not flexible enough. Heck, let’s just say that she couldn’t run faster nor jump higher.

But you know what, Hatoya’s enthusiasm is what drives her to become a cheerleader. Then again, what if she lost the will to become like Hizume Arima?

So, Hizume came up with a solution by showing Kohane some cheerleading-like activities such as creating pom-poms, all while sneaking in some exercise in-between.

Gotta say that she’s somewhat cheeky, even Uki Sawatari felt that Hizume Arima is manipulating Kohane Hatoya into stretching her arms and legs.

Speaking of Uki Sawatari, looks like she’ll get Kohane’s pom-poms that she created just now, but it seems that Hatoya screw it up. But that’s okay because what’s important is the thought that counts.

On the other hand, Uki tries it out to see if she’s cute as a cheerleader.

But then again, Sawatari is too embarrassed to become one. Oh Uki, I think you should watch how a cheerleader do their stuff!

So, Hizume Arima shows her stuff in which both Hatoya and Uki are impressed by Hizume’s performance, especially the latter when she’s convinced to join the cheerleading club because it’s awesome.

However, I think she needs to have more time to think because Sawatari felt embarrassed when wearing cheerleading uniforms, especially training clothes where it has the smallest shorts.

But anyways, I feel that Uki Sawatari will join the club eventually. With that said, I’ll see you next time but I feel that the cheerleading club needs more members!

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