Goblin Slayer Episode #03

This is the Witch, one of the strongest and well-known silver rank adventurer who has big tits (obviously). More importantly, the Witch knows about the Goblin Slayer as she never belittle him for his crusade against goblins.

Of course, the Witch warned the Priestess to think twice when going on an adventure with the Goblin Slayer, as the Witch questioned his sanity for his sole devotion of slaying goblins.

But you know what, the Goblin Slayer is doing great on keeping everyone safe from those critters, although everyone calls him as peculiar given the Goblin Slayer’s traumatic past.

Now then, let’s talk about the High Elf Archer and her party as they want to recruit the Goblin Slayer for their mission of slaying demons, even though the Goblin Slayer will refused to do it.

But first, it’s time to describe the Goblin Slayer as Dwarf Shaman told the High Elf Archer about his main features.

As you can see, the Goblin Slayer don’t wear heavy armor as he wears leather armor, a chain mail underneath, and a few armor plates such as a breast plate and a helmet as he needs mobility to fight against those goblins.

Oh, and don’t let his tiny sword and shield fool you as they’re effective when fighting in caves. One last thing, he doesn’t bother cleaning his armor as the Goblin Slayer wants to cover it with blood because goblins have some keen noses when preying hapless adventurers.

With that said, the Lizard Priest told him that apart from demons roaming around the capital, there are also goblins within the demons’ ranks.

Naturally, the Goblin Slayer accepts their quest but he’ll have to go alone.

Of course, the Priestess wants to join him because even though she’s dead weight, the Priestess still insists on helping the Goblin Slayer by casting healing spells and holy magic against the goblins.

And besides, he can’t fight against a large horde of goblins by himself. Therefore, the Goblin Slayer needs some company to take those critters out!

And so, the Goblin Slayer is joined by not only the Priestess, but also the High Elf Archer and her party because the more adventurers, the better. Oh by the way, they’re not some porcelain rank adventurers as they’re quite capable of dealing with monsters, although they’ll leave that to the Goblin Slayer when it comes to dealing with goblins.

On the other hand, I must say that despite being surrounded by the likes of a Dwarf Shaman and a Lizard Priest, the Goblin Slayer remains quiet most of the time. I guess he doesn’t like lengthy conversations at all. With that said, I’ll see you next time as the Goblin Slayer will do his stuff with his party will take care of those demons.

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