Goblin Slayer Episode #04

On this episode, the Goblin Slayer and his party are going deep into the fortress but before they venture out, they need to soak themselves with goblin blood so that they won’t get detected by them.

Even the Priestess got used to it. Therefore, looks like the High Elf Archer will have no choice but to soak her body with blood or she might have a risk of getting raped by those critters.

With that said, the party went inside the fortress where they need to be cautious as they might get ambushed by goblins. After all, it’s a rookie mistake of going inside the fortress unprepared.

Meanwhile, the Goblin Slayer found something inside a waste heap. And really, be prepared to cover your nose and mouth because what you gonna see is very disgusting.

As you can see over there, what Goblin Slayer and the rest saw was an elf, naked and bruised as she became a plaything by the goblins.

Even the High Elf Archer couldn’t stomach it in regards to the goblins’ brutal treatment of her kin.

You know, I think she should get used to it because the High Elf Archer will be killing lots of goblins later on.

Speaking of goblins, looks like the Goblin Slayer managed to kill one as this critter attempts to ambush them, but end up in failure.

Of course, they can’t bring a survivor into their party because she’s battered and bruised right now. Thus, the Lizard Priest summoned a dragontooth warrior to carry the elf to safety.

Well, it seems that there’s one survivor that got rescued. However, I have a feeling that the rest are mostly dead.

Now then, the party goes deeper into the underground fortress when they found a horde a goblins. So, the Dwarf Shaman and the Priestess casts their respective spells to make sure that these goblins won’t stay up and fight.

With the combination of both Dwarf Shaman’s Stupor and Priestess’ Silence spells, it’s very effective against goblins as they’ll remain asleep without making a sound.

And once the goblins are put under the spell, the rest of the party waste no time on killing them while they’re down. It’s brutal but it’s better than having them woke up from their deep slumber.

However, there’s one monster who screams “This is no goblin my boy, no goblin!” as we have this orge who casts a powerful fireball spell.

Fortunately, the Priestess managed to block it using Protection. However, she can no longer use it again as the Priestess exhausted herself.

Now then, it’s time for the party to take this boss of an orge, using whatever they have right down to the kitchen sink.

Basically, everything that’ll take this orge down from High Elf Archer’s bow and arrow to Dwarf Shaman’s Stone Blast. Then again, it seems that they’ll have a hard time beating this orge down.

In fact, this orge is tough that it knocks the Goblin Slayer with a swing of his bat.

Sure that he can beat a horde of goblins thanks to his experience and know-how on defeating them, but he’s not prepared on beating a large goblin like the orge.

Fortunately, the Goblin Slayer is one tough warrior as he maybe dazed and confused, but not outright killed as he’s being woken up by the Priestess.

Of course, he needs some potions to heal his wounds because that bat swing hurt him a lot.

With that said, the Goblin Slayer is back up again as he drinks a healing and stamina potion. But what will he do against an orge?

Hell, he doesn’t even carry his trusty sword as the Goblin Slayer faced the orge with a fireball at hand. What was this madman thinking at this situation like this?

Suddenly, the orge just cut a million times as this monster is about to throw a fireball at the Goblin Slayer. What is going on here?

Turns out, the Goblin Slayer has a Gate Scroll in which he got it from the Witch and he was supposed to use it against the goblin horde.

However, the Goblin Slayer decides to use the scroll as he transports water deep in the sea and throws at the orge like a hot knife through butter.

With that said, looks like the orge is reduced to a pile of body parts as the Goblin Slayer delivers the coup de grâce.

Gotta say that I’m impressed at using uncommon tactics to kill all goblins whether it’s big or small.

Of course, he and the rest of the party are already tired as the elves offered them a caravan and head home. They’re not gonna be treated as heroes but at least they managed to clear one of the generals from the demon army.

With that said, another day of slaying is done thanks to the Goblin Slayer and his party. Now then, I’ll see you next time!

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