SSSS.GRIDMAN Episode #03

Let’s talk briefly about the kaiju as Shou Utsumi theorized that those kaijus were once human beings, which is not true because Akane Shinjou created those monsters out of clay.

But more importantly, here’s Samurai Calibur as he’s looking at both Shou Utsumi and Yuuta Hibiki as if he’s a stalker or something. Creepy!

Now then, let’s introduce this new character who’s simply known as Anti. Why the name though? We’ll find that out soon enough.

Of course, seems that Anti doesn’t know how to handle chopsticks so he just chomp his food.

Meanwhile, here’s Rikka Takarada who just stand there and watch Anti gobble up his lunch box.

Um Rikka, you have to attend school right because Yuuta Hibiki is calling you right now. Then again, she won’t pick it up!

Speaking of phones, looks like Akane Shinjou is calling someone on the phone right now. I wonder who she’s calling to? Is it Alexis Kerib?

Regardless of who she’s calling to, looks like Tsutsujidai will be in danger again as another kaiju has appeared. Man, this town can’t catch a break!

Luckily, Gridman has arrived to save the day and defeat this kaiju in just under a minute.

But, it appears that this kaiju is too damn powerful that it fires a barrage of laser…

…which overwhelm Gridman despite wielding Gridman Calibur during this fight. Gotta say that this is a bad situation for both Yuuta and Gridman.

Then again, it turned out to be worse as Gridman fell down and didn’t get back up, as if the hyper agent died on the spot.

And since Yuuta Hibiki is inside Gridman, seems that he bites the dust as well. Say it ain’t so!

Meanwhile, both Rikka Takarada and Shou Utsumi are lamenting the loss of their friend.

Since Yuuta is the one that brought them together, it’s sad that the Gridman Alliance will be disbanded now that Hibiki died along with the hyper agent.

That’s until a boy named Borr appeared in which he’s searching for Samurai Calibur, despite the fact that he’s with Gridman and possibly died alongside the hyper agent.

Oh and Borr is not alone as he’s joined by both Max and Vit in which they revealed themselves to be students of Neon Genesis Junior High School.

First of all, it’s nice to have an Evangelion shout-out. However, how will they find Samurai Calibur where he’s currently deactivated?

Well, they decided to call them as Borr asked Rikka to hand her cellphone to him.

Come to think, I think they tried to call Yuuta but is it possible to call him when he’s inside Gridman, who is currently deactivated?

Anyways, Borr calls Samurai Calibur and told him to reunite with his comrades right now.

And lo and behold, Samurai Calibur is back as he told everyone that both Yuuta Hibiki and Gridman are alive.

Gotta say that it’s reassuring that they’re not dead but man, that scared me a bit on what happened earlier.

With that said, Gridman is back from the brink of death as he’ll have another round against the kaiju that beat the hyper agent earlier.

Of course, Gridman can’t beat the kaiju alone and thus max offered the hyper agent for help. How will he do it?

By becoming a massive truck known as Battle Tracto Max. It’s so big that it occupies both lanes of traffic.

Also, it can combine with Gridman to form Max Gridman in which the hyper agent got giant arms to hug people and throw them away.

Of course, this kaiju won’t let Gridman lift it up as it fires its beam towards the hyper agent.

Not to be outdone, Gridman has a special ace on his sleeve as the hyper agent unleashes his secret attack: Max Grid Beam!

As you can see, Gridman fires a massive beam towards the enemy. When your Grid Beam doesn’t cut it, the Max Grid Beam will do the job.

Then again, seems that this kaiju’s beam has the same strength as Max Gridman as they’re doing a beam struggle until it ends in a draw.

For Max Gridman, the hyper agent survives but what about the kaiju?

Well, turns out that this monster couldn’t hold it anymore and phased out of existence.

Not quite though as it was revealed that this kaiju turned out to be Anti. Wait, so that means Shou Utsumi’s theory is actually true? Nah, it can’t be!

For now, what’s important is that Yuuta Hibiki is back… alive and well! C’mon, we can’t end this show with our hero getting killed without finding out who he is.

But for Rikka Takarada however, she felt a sigh of relief as her friend is alive and apologized for not calling him. You know what, I can accept her apology.

On the other hand, looks like Rikka’s mother is surprised that her shop is full of strange people. Well, I hope she’ll get used to it eventually but let’s keep it secret in regards to Gridman.

Lastly, here’s Anti where it turns out that he was created by Akane Shinjou because she was annoyed at Gridman and thus created this humanoid/kaiju for the sole purpose of killing the hyper agent.

However, it turns out that Akane got mad at Anti for failing to defeat Gridman and thus throws a lunch box at him. Damn, she’s mistreating him just because Anti failed to stop the hyper agent!

And that’s about it for this episode of SSSS.GRIDMAN as I’ll see you next time!

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