Anima Yell! Episode #04

This is Kotetsu Tatejima, an ordinary girl who’s not interested in joining any clubs yet.

And here’s Kohane Hatoya, a beginner when it comes to cheerleading and she brought her stuff from home. Um, your cheerleading club is not yet official unless you have 5 members.

With that said, Hatoya wants Tatejima to join the cheerleading club as a trial member first because she wants Kotetsu-chan to experience first-hand before deciding on whether to join or not.

But then again, I feel that Kotetsu Tatejima is being pressured on joining the club. However, the reason why she can’t do it is because Tatejima is too embarrassed to do cheerleading.

Heck, she can’t play the piano in front of everyone. So it’s basically stage fright and that’s not good coming from Kotetsu-chan!

But you know what, I think it’s time for Kohane Hatoya and the rest of the cheerleading club to show how amazing cheerleading is during a basketball game.

And as for Kotetsu-chan, she was impressed by their cheerleading that she might have a chance to become one in the future, assuming that she won’t decline their offer that is.

However, let’s just say that it’s dangerous to do some cheerleading stunts at the upper box.

And really, it was a close call coming from Kohane as she would have become a goner if it wasn’t for Hizume Arima and Uki Sawatari grabbing her to safety.

With that said, Kotetsu Tatejima has decided to join the cheerleading club in which Kohane Hatoya prepared a club application form right away, much to Uki Sawatari’s annoyance.

But hey, at least the club has 4 members now and they only need one more to become official. Anyways, let’s hope that they’ll find the last member on the next episode!

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