Goblin Slayer Episode #05

Hey everyone, let’s try something different as I give you this Rookie Warrior who’s currently slaying sewer rats in order to get rewards and possibly promote to a higher rank.

Accompanied by an Apprentice Cleric, these porcelain-ranked adventurers are capable of dealing with lower-ranked monsters like sewer rats, but not goblins though because they can’t handle those critters yet.

Still, they did a good job of slaying those giant rats and they’re about to get their reward.

Unfortunately, both the Rookie Warrior and the Apprentice Cleric didn’t get anything as they got spooked by another swarm of monsters, run away to safety.

Worst of all, the Rookie Warrior lost his sword and he can’t afford another one. That’s sucks for them!

For now, they need to take a bath first and clean their clothes because the Guild Girl couldn’t stand the foul stench. Then again, they can’t afford to go to a nearby bathhouse.

Meanwhile, here’s the Goblin Slayer as he’s doing mundane tasks like helping Cow Girl on lifting goods.

I’m impressed that he’s still up after a long battle against an orge in the previous episode. All it takes for him is 3 days of sleep and the Goblin Slayer is ready to go.

On the other hand, the Goblin Slayer met the High Elf Archer and her companions again as he gave them cheese to eat.

Then again, the Lizard Priest would take one whole cheese because he’s fond of it after eating the cheese back in Episode 3. Oh sweet nectar!

But now, let’s go back to the rookie duo as the Rookie Warrior asked everyone to lend him a weapon, including this Spearman who’s a companion to the Witch.

Unfortunately for the Spearman, he can’t lend the Rookie Warrior his spear because it’s not only expensive, but the Rookie Warrior couldn’t handle a weapon that requires a lot of strength to wield it.

However, the Witch did managed to help the Rookie Warrior out by giving a special candle to him.

The reason why it’s special is because it can pinpoint the location of a lost item just by his/her strong emotions, which is very helpful for the Rookie Warrior to get his sword back.

Also, here’s the Priestess as she promoted to Obsidian rank and thanked Goblin Slayer for helping her in the past few weeks, despite the fact that he didn’t do anything heroic other than saving her from goblins back in Episode 1.

Now then, it’s time for the rookie duo to get their sword back as they return to the sewers with only a candle on hand. Oh, and they’re not only gonna face some sewer rats…

…but also cockroaches who turned out that they’re the ones who stole the Rookie Warrior’s sword. So, what will they do now?

Well, there’s only one thing to do as the Rookie Warrior took the lamp from the Apprentice Cleric and throw it towards the cockroaches.

And what do you know, it’s super effective against these giant bugs. For those who played Pokemon, you know what I’m talking about.

But I have to give thanks to the Witch for giving them a candle as a weapon, but what are they gonna use to kill those cockroaches?

Simple, all he needs is to clobber them with a wooden club as the Rookie Warrior took notes from Goblin Slayer when dealing with monsters without a sword.

With that said, let’s just say that the Rookie Warrior got his sword back after clobbering these cockroaches to death!

And now, let’s move onto the last part where we have this adventure who goes by the name of Rhea Scout.

As you can see, he’s at the guild where the Rhea Scout is feeling lucky of getting promoted to a higher rank. Heck, he brags about his accomplishments to the Guild Girl.

However, it doesn’t convince the Inspector one bit as she told the Rhea Scout that he flat-out lied to them.

Worst of all, the Inspector learned that the Rhea Scout stole some items from other adventurers and even kept the loot for himself. Gotta say that he’ll be subjected to being demoted or getting kicked out.

So, the Rhea Scout asked an adventurer to convince them that he didn’t do anything wrong. Gotta say that he’s desperate at this situation.

Unfortunately, said adventurer happened to be the Goblin Slayer as he’s just acting as an observer, nothing more and nothing less.

And besides, he’s pretty much convinced that the Rhea Scout is a con-artist thanks to the Inspector’s judgement. Basically, no promotion for the Rhea Scout!

And with that, the Rhea Scout left the guild empty-handed, not to mentioned that he’s pissed after not getting that sweet promotion. But you know what, I think this troublemaker should be punished… in blood!

And as you can see here, had the Rhea Scout caused a commotion inside the guild, he’ll get a fistful by the Goblin Slayer if he does something terrible.

And so, another day has ended as the Guild Girl and the Inspector are done with the promotion exam.

While these adventurers are still aiming to reach the platinum rank, no one can really match with the most powerful adventurer who managed to defeat the demon lord.

That’s right, it’s the Sword Maiden who is the most powerful adventurer ever. While she’s the one who slayed the demon lord, there’s little information about the Sword Maiden as she’s still a mystery.

Anyways, I’m impressed that this episode shows the daily lives of other adventurers apart from slaying monsters, but the most interesting of all is the rookie duo who are very competent and took notes from other adventurers on how to survive, unlike those adventurers from the first episode who got wrecked except for the Priestess. And speaking of the Priestess, let’s just say that she improved a lot thanks to the Goblin Slayer.

With that said, I’ll see you next time and let’s hope that we learn more about the Sword Maiden.

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  1. BigFire says:

    They’re adapting the anime slightly out of order, which will kill one of the best joke from the 2nd Light Novel in which Priestess ask if Goblin Slayer saw anything, and he answered with a simple Yes. By that time, the ending of LN1 is weeks in the past and she have already had her special request fulfilled.

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