To Aru Majutsu no Index III Episode #06

Oh look, Saiai Kinuhata is back safe and sound but the question is… Where the hell is Frenda Seivelun?

More importantly, Shizuri Mugino and the rest of ITEM will have to deal with an intruder named Teitoku Kakine as he found their hiding place thanks to some reliable sources, mostly from Frenda. Wait, did she betray them?

Anyways, looks like Shiage Hamazura will have to go back to ITEM’s base and help them. After all, Shiage is their lackey.

Unfortunately, it’s too late with Shizuri Mugino and Saiai Kinuhata ran away, leaving Rikou Takitsubo to fend for herself by using ability crystals to power herself up. Of course, using those crystals too much will destroy her body.

On the other hand, seems that Teitoku Kakine is joined by this lovely girl in a pink dress and I must say that Shiage is too late, let alone retaliate against both espers. Even his gun is useless against them.

Anyways, looks like SCHOOL is done trashing this place up as they move onto their next target. Those bastards!

For now, Shiage Hamazura will have to save Rikou Takitsubo as he handed her off to Aiho Yomikawa.

As for Aiho-san, she’s confused on what’s going on, especially when she learned about ability crystals which are illegal within Academy City.

But you know what, I think Yomikawa should save Takitsubo right now, especially when there’s danger ahead!

Speaking of danger, Shizuri Mugino is here and she’s not in a good mood. I have a bad feeling about this!

On the other hand, isn’t that Frenda Seivelun over there? Don’t tell me that Shizuri killed her!? Damn, this is messed up!

Anyways, looks like Shiage Hamazura has no other choice but to run away against a scorned woman like Shizuri Mugino…

…by jumping on top of a speeding train, hoping that he can survive from Mugino’s Meltdowner ability.

And yet, we have Shiage who just got cornered by Shizuri-san and he’s about to get stabbed with a screwdriver.

Anyways, Mugino told Hamazura to hand over the ability crystals which he got it from Takitsubo, or she’ll tighten his screws until he’s no longer functioning. Oh, and she doesn’t care if Rikou dies!

But you know what, if Shizuri wants to get a hold of the ability crystals, Shiage will gladly give it to her even at the cost of her right eye.

Of course, that made Mugino angry as she unleashes her Meltdowner ability to its fullest in hopes of killing him off.

However, what she got was getting punched by Hamazura’s fist as Mugino didn’t react in time.

But anyways, looks like this scorned woman that is Shizuri Mugino has finally put down by Shiage Hamazura. All I could say is that he’s channel those Touma Kamijou vibes!

Now then, let’s move onto Last Order as she leaves Kazari Uiharu to visit the amusement park. Little did she know is that Last Order is being targeted again…

…particularly Teitoku Kakine who’s not satisfied on trashing ITEM’s base, so he went outside to find Last Order so Teitoku can personally kill her.

Um Anti-Skill, we have a pedophile by the name of Teitoku Kakine. Please arrest him!

Also, Teitoku stomped Uiharu because he doesn’t like nosy girls who’s hiding his target. First of all, Kakine is the worst as he just stomped on poor Kazari Uiharu!

Second, seems that all the ruckus has gained the attention of a certain Accelerator in which he’s pissed as usual.

But more importantly, he doesn’t want Teitoku Kakine getting his hands on Last Order. With that said, time for Accelerator to show what it takes to be a villain over Teitoku and his Dark Matter ability!

And look, their battle has ended in a bang but who emerged victorious? Sure that Teitoku Kakine can hold against Accelerator with his Dark Matter ability plus his pair of tweezers, but will he win?

Just kidding, he lost the fight! Gotta say that despite being a Level 5 esper, Teitoku couldn’t hold a candle against Accelerator.

And now, Accelerator is gonna kill Kakine by shooting him because what a better way to assert his dominance as the bad guy of Academy City. Besides, can Teitoku block a bullet with his ability? Not a chance though!

However, he was stopped by Aiho Yomikawa where he told him that he doesn’t need to stain his hands again with blood. C’mon, he already killed those MISAKA sisters before.

But just when Accelerator is about to lower his handgun, he saw Aiho-san getting stabbed in the gut.

And it’s none other than Teitoku Kakine who’s still has the guts to harm someone that’s not an esper, especially Aiho Yomikawa who considers to be Accelerator’s guardian.

Gotta say that it’s not looking good for him seeing Aiho-san bleeding to death!

And speaking of Accelerator, looks like he gone berserk as he couldn’t hold his powers anymore. Not a good day to face off against Accelerator when enraged!

On the other hand, Teitoku Kakine’s Dark Matter ability got cancelled and he’s buried to the ground thanks to Accelerator’s uncontrollable powers.

Well, he deserved it for all the trouble he caused but what will Accelerator do to him?

Why punch Teitoku in the face until it becomes a bloody pulp. At this point, no one can stop Accelerator from beating the shit out of Kakine!

Even Aiho Yomikawa couldn’t do anything as she turned out to be alive.

Then again, I think she needs to seek an ambulance if Aiho-san doesn’t want to die from blood loss.

However, there’s some glimmer of hope in the form of Last Order as she’s not afraid when approaching Accelerator, despite his uncontrollable psychic powers.

Heck, she even calms him down by hugging Accelerator until his berserker rage subsides. Well, it seems that Accelerator is back to normal thanks to Last Order.

And with that, we’re done here in Academy City as the dust has settled with GROUP emerged as the last organization standing. For ITEM, seems that they need to regroup now that Frenda Seivelun is dead. As for SCHOOL, that only leaves the lovely girl in dress as the only surviving member, but who cares about that as she’s outta here, never to be heard again. And lastly for the so-called Tweezers, GROUP has it as they learned that SCHOOL wanted to use it to recover 50 million surveillance nanodevice called “The Underline”, which is linked to Aleister Crowley.

Still, Accelerator and his buddies will need to plan for their next mission if danger arises within and outside Academy City. Anyways, I’ll see you next time as we return to Touma Kamijou and his friends!

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