Goblin Slayer Episode #06

Here’s something interesting as we have the Demon Lord. Pretty menacing, huh?

And we have this girl who’s about to be sacrificed because the Demon Lord and his cronies wants to take over the world, like any other bad guy out there!

However, his plans of world domination has been thwarted when the Chosen Heroine and her party have arrived to save the damsel in distress and defeat the Demon Lord.

But you know what, it would be boring if the Chosen Heroine would defeat the demons by herself ’cause that will not only put all of the adventurers out of business, but this anime series will end in a jiffy!

Anyways, the Demon Lord is defeated and the damsel is saved by the Chosen Heroine. Well everyone, that’s about it for this week’s episode.

On second thought, nobody gives a toss about the Chosen Heroine and her deeds, especially Goblin Slayer in which he’s fixated on killing all goblins.

In any case, he got an extermination request from Water Town and asked his party if he could come along.

Usually, he’ll go solo and take care of those goblins, but the Goblin Slayer has changed a lot and started trusting other people. Now then, who send a request to him in the first place?

Why it’s none other than the Sword Maiden as she personally send a request to the Goblin Slayer because of his feats.

Well, the reason why his name is well-known to some adventurers is because the Bard sings his praises!

Anyways, the Sword Maiden asked the Goblin Slayer and his party to survey the sewers as there’s goblin activity beneath the town’s surface.

With that said, they waste no time on searching for goblins in the sewers.

But then again, Goblin Slayer and his party have realized that these goblins are riding boats… and they’re plenty of them!

With that said, time to kill some goblins but first, the Priestess will have to casts some Protection because it would be bad if they got hit in the knee.

But hey, her Protection spell works but the Priestess can’t hold off the enemy’s attacks much longer.

So, the Goblin Slayer decides to throw something towards those critters. What could it be if you may ask?

Turns out, it’s just a blend of spices which can be used as a makeshift tear-gas grenade.

And as you can see, it’s effective against those goblins as they’re blinded by a mixture of pepper and cayenne powder!

Once they’re blinded, his party got aboard the boat and started killing all of the goblins. Gotta kick them while they’re down!

Also, looks like the High Elf Archer doesn’t want to be left out as she fires her arrow from a distance. C’mon, she’s an archer, not a melee fighter!

And lastly, here’s the Dwarf Shaman as he casts his Stone Blast spell at those critters…

And it’s a big one too as both the Goblin Slayer and the Lizard Priest jumped to safety while the goblins sink to their deaths.

Well, looks like they’re done clearing those goblins at this section!

However, Goblin Slayer and his buddies run into an alligator in the sewers and they almost got chomped by it.

On the other hand, that gives the Goblin Slayer an idea on how to use the alligator…

…against more goblins as they’re still roaming around the sewers in boats. Man, I wonder who gave them the knowledge on how to build and ride boats?

But anyways, time for the goblins to meet their maker as the alligator has arrived to chomped them.

And as for the Goblin Slayer and his buddies, they’re watching those critters die helplessly. Still, the goblin menace in Water Town will not be quelled until the source is destroyed.

In fact, I have a feeling that an orge is leading the charge. Will the Goblin Slayer and his party managed to find the source and destroy the goblin menace in Water Town? Find out on the next episode!

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