To Aru Majutsu no Index III Episode #07

Hey guys, Touma Kamijou is back as he’s spending his time with Itsuwa after their little excursion in France. Little did they know is that someone is watching them…

Specifically the Amakusa-Style Church sect (or the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church) led by its substitute leader Saiji Tatemiya.

Sucks that Kaori Kanzaki is nowhere to be found but it doesn’t stop Tatemiya from making a grand scheme on this episode…

…by kicking a soccer ball in the middle of the street. Where does this ball land if you may ask?

Well, it land straight to Touma’s noggin in which he fell face first into Itsuwa’s breasts. Not as big as Kaori but Itsuwa’s pair is still growing!

Of course, there’s one girl who’s not only conscious of her bust size, but for Touma Kamijou as Mikoto Misaka lashes out towards the Amakusa-Style Church members for letting Touma land on Itsuwa’s tits!

However, Tatemiya and his buddies got away as they don’t want to deal with a Level 5 esper from Tokiwadai Middle School.

Still, their plan did work and that’s what matters to Saiji Tatemiya and the rest of the church sect.

Now let’s move onto the next scene where Index is still angry at Touma for ditching her in favor of Itsuwa. C’mon, it can’t be helped since Touma traveled to various places when various groups are involved when it comes to his right hand.

But you know what, I feel that it’s sad to see Index getting out of the loop and not being protected when she’s alone at Touma’s apartment. Well, Index has Sphinx and Maika Tsuchimikado to take care of her, but who’s gonna protect Index when someone wants her grimoires that stored in her brain?

Anyways, Index joined the ride as Touma Kamijou and Itsuwa went to the 3rd Level of the 22nd underground district.

This place is full of spa resorts and shops that’ll make you relax after a day’s work, which is perfect for these 3 since they’re tired from fighting various church sects (on idling to eternity in Index’s case).

Also, here’s Mikoto Misaka as she wants to take a dip at the hot springs by herself.

While she wanted to invite Kuroko Shirai, it seems that it’s a bad idea since Kuroko will always pounce at Mikoto when there’s an opportunity.

Now then, seems that Misaka will have some company in the form of Index. It’s been a long time since they met somewhere numerous times, especially when Sherry Cromwell attacked the city back in Season 1.

Also, Itsuwa is here too and really, her boobs are growing in which Mikoto got jealous of it. Well, there are fans out there who likes Misaka’s flat chest. I’m not those people by the way!

Afterwards, time for a stroll at the underground district and while Index is out there eating various foods, we have Touma Kamijou and Itsuwa walking at the bridge by themselves.

Isn’t it lovely that they’re strolling around the district, but then again Touma doesn’t have a clue when various girls want him, especially Itsuwa and Mikoto Misaka.

Suddenly, their stroll got interrupted when Acqua of the Back appeared and attacked Itsuwa from the rear. What the hell is he doing here?

Well, Acqua of the Back warned Touma Kamijou that if he won’t surrender his right hand to them, he’ll be in the world of pain when Acqua and his buddies from God’s Right Seat beat the shit out of him.

Then again, Touma got hurt a lot from Acqua on this episode and I have to say that it’s a winless fight when you have a street punk taking on a powerful saint like Acqua of the Back.

While Touma survived and he still has his right hand, this serves as a wake-up call for him as everyone wants a piece of him and his Imagine Breaker. With that said, I’ll see you next time and really, Touma needs to go to a nearby hospital and have someone patch his wounds up!

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