Goblin Slayer Episode #07

Here’s the Priestess as she’s still staying at the Water Town together with her party. Right now, she’s just relaxing at the hot springs because it’s tiring for the Priestess to cast Protection all the time.

On the other hand, looks like the Priestess will be joined by a familiar character…

That’s right, it’s the Sword Maiden as she takes a bath after a long day of work at the temple. Despite her beautiful appearance, the Sword Maiden has some battle scars after a decade of fighting against a demon lord.

With that said, the Sword Maiden warned the Priestess that the Goblin Slayer might eventually disappear. I hope that it won’t happen on this episode!

With that said, the Goblin Slayer and his party went back to the sewers and eliminate those critters once and for all.

And by the way, he brought a canary in which it can detect poison gas, which is useful since the Goblin Slayer thinks that those goblins employ dirty tricks to put their prey into submission.

Now then, they have arrived at the deepest parts of the sewer where it houses the fallen adventurers who fought the demons.

Of course, this sewer has become the haven for goblins and it’s up to Goblin Slayer and his buddies to kill them all. Anyways, time to find some goblins at this room…

…only to find a dead adventurer that was bound to a chain. Not a good way to enter a dungeon.

And as for the Priestess, she’s sad that the adventurer could be saved, only to find out that he’s dead all along. Well, time to find another room.

However, the Lizard Priest told them that they got locked in as he tried to push the door to no avail.

What’s worse is that the canary panics, signaling that someone released poison gas in the room. Man, those goblins are cunning when it comes to dirty tricks!

However, the Goblin Slayer is prepared for it as they give his party members some charcoal to sniff at and some handkerchief to cover their nose and mouth until the gas subsides.

Of course, it’s not enough to cover their face, so the Goblin Slayer decides to plug the holes with concrete, with some help from the Dwarf Shaman to dry the concrete until it hardens.

After the poison gas subsides, the goblins came to the party with their champion leading the charge. While the goblin champion is not an orge, this one is huge!

Of course, that doesn’t stop them from murdering all goblins as the Goblin Slayer and his party rushed in to kill all of those critters with whatever means necessary.

Unfortunately for the Goblin Slayer, seems that he got clobbered hard by the goblin champion that the Goblin Slayer landed at a pillar.

And not only that, he’s coughing blood that the Goblin Slayer is about to die. Man, I have to say that when it comes to bigger enemies, he barely stand a chance.

But this gives the goblins some leeway to attack aggressively now that Goblin Slayer is down and out, with these critter went towards the High Elf Archer and stripping her down.

Now on Dwarf Shaman’s watch though as he saves the High Elf Archer from becoming a sex slave to these critters. We don’t want another rape scene just like in the first episode!

Then again, there’s the Priestess as she got captured by the goblin champion. No, not the Priestess!

It gets worse from her as the goblin champion is eating the Priestess until she’s dead meat. Will someone save her?

Fortunately, the Goblin Slayer is back up again to strangle this goblin champion, using the hair from the fallen adventurer as a makeshift garrote wire.

And if it wasn’t enough, the Goblin Slayer took one of the champion’s eyes out. Despite losing a lot of blood, the Goblin Slayer remains relentless until all of the goblins have been killed.

Then again, the goblins ran away before he got a chance to kill them off. I guess their champion got beaten by a mere mortal like the Goblin Slayer.

Still, what’s important is that the Goblin Slayer and his allies are okay, especially the High Elf Archer where the only thing that’s lost was her top. But what about the Priestess?

Well, the Lizard Priest healed her wounds as the Priestess is still alive. Thank goodness that she didn’t die!

Well, seems that they’re done killing some goblins in the sewers as they survived another ordeal.

For now, they need to restock and resupply in order to wipe those critters clean once they returned to the sewers.

But then, the Goblin Slayer collapses due to blood loss. Wait, don’t tell me that the Sword Maiden’s words of him disappearing from this world will be true!?

Anyways, I’m hoping that the Goblin Slayer will live on the next episode ’cause his story will be over if he dies here.

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  1. BigFire says:

    The 1 minutes shot of canary is a messed up on the part of Japanese supplied streaming copy. The credit is supposed to roll over that, but it got messed up. Even the Japanese streaming service have this same problem.

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