Goblin Slayer Episode #08

It’s time for something different when this young boy is being mocked for his inability to save someone.

Anyways, this Rhea Burglar is the one mocking the boy because he wants to break the boy’s spirit and strengthen his hatred and resolve on killing all goblins. And you know what, it worked!

And here’s this young boy, now grown up to be a man known as Goblin Slayer. And I must say that despite his battle scars, the Goblin Slayer looks handsome albeit having his face obscured.

In any case, it turns out that the lessons learned from the Rhea Burglar has shaped him to be a ruthless goblin-killing machine. Oh, and it turns out that he’s alive which is a relief considering the abuse he got from the previous episode.

Oh, and he’s slept with the Priestess who is freakin’ naked! Did he had sex with his female companion? Nah, it couldn’t be…

Also, here’s the Sword Maiden without her signature blindfold. Of course, she no longer can see clearly as it turns out that the Sword Maiden was defiled by goblins 10 years ago.

And while the Sword Maiden managed to defeat the demon lord, she is no longer a maiden due to her horrible experience that she had against the goblins. But that’s about it for her past as it’s time for the Goblin Slayer and his party to recharge and restock…

…starting with fixing his armor and the Priestess’ chain mail to a blacksmith. Oh, and the Goblin Slayer wants it fixed in a jiffy as he paid a large sum of money.

Afterwards, it’s time to relax by eating some ice cream, which is a rare treat for both the Priestess and the Goblin Slayer.

Man, if only they would unwind and rest for a bit longer. However, the urge to kill some goblins has not dissipated for the Goblin Slayer as he’ll return to the sewers to finish what he started.

Of course, he needs some help so the Goblin Slayer called the Witch and the Spearman to bring something unusual, a large sack of flour.

Anyways, the Goblin Slayer needs a sack of flour because he wants to kill a certain monster down the sewers. Oh, and if you’re assuming that he’ll use flour to kill some goblins?

Well, you’re wrong because the Goblin Slayer will use it against this giant eye that spews disintegrating lasers.

Yeah, that’s unexpected coming from the Goblin Slayer because he’s born to kill goblin. C’mon, it’s in his title!

But anyways, time to carry out the plan as the Dwarf Shaman casts some sleeping magic, while the Goblin Slayer takes out the flour and scatter it around this room.

Also, the High Elf Archer fires an arrow towards this giant eye while it’s sleeping. After all, she needs to sucker punch this monster. Of course, they’re not done with their plan…

So, the Lizard Priest summoned a dragontooth warrior as the Goblin Slayer wants the summoned being as bait for the giant eye.

And lastly, it’s time for the Priestess to cast Protection towards the entrance because the Goblin Slayer wants this room sealed. Anyways, let’s see how his plan plays out…

…as the dragontooth warrior is the only one who can take on the giant eye. Anyways, I wanna see what will happen next as the giant eye fires its laser.

Oh, seems that the room is engulfed in flames. What’s going on here?

Turns out that the Goblin Slayer used flour so that a spark could ignite it, creating an explosion inside this room. But wait a minute, the High Elf Archer said that he can’t use fire, water, or poison because as you can see here, this explosion is clearly made of fire.

However, the Goblin Slayer assured the High Elf Archer that he didn’t use fire when making this explosion. He just used the giant eye’s laser to set off an explosion that engulf this monster.

Anyways, what’s done is done as the giant eye is dead and now the party can safely investigate this room. And really, it’s better than running away.

On the other hand, seems that the Goblin Slayer and his party saw a mirror. Could it be that this mirror is being used to transport the goblins inside the sewers?

With that said, we’ll continue the goblin extermination in the sewers next week. Let’s hope that the Sword Maiden can safely go outside once the critters are gone.

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