Banana Fish Episodes #09 – #11

Well guys and gals, it’s been a long time since I’ve covered Banana Fish and while the ending is fast approaching, it’s time to play catch-up!

Anyways, Eiji Okumura has been captured by “Papa” Dino Golzine and this old man will turn Eiji into his sex slave. You may thank Lee Yut-Lung for that but it wouldn’t be possible without Shorter Wong, who reluctantly help Yut-Lung on drugging Eiji.

And speaking of Shorter Wong, here’s Abraham Dawson as this mad doctor is about to inject him with a deadly dose of Banana Fish, which it’ll be used for military purposes and Papa Dino will make a profit of this drug once it’s successful.

Seriously, this asshole is responsible for drugging and killing Ash Lynx’s brother Griffin Callenreese, and now he’s drugging Ash’s best friend.

Anyways, Shorter Wong is about to experience of what is like to be under the influence of Banana Fish. Honestly though, it doesn’t end well for him!

Now then, let’s move onto the next scene where Ash Lynx got invited by Dino Golzine at his mansion together with Shunichi Ibe and Max Lobo.

Of course, what was supposed to be a dinner party turned out to be a trap because Papa Dino wants to torture Ash personally for disobeying him.

In any case, Ash Lynx is tied up to a chain where Frederick Arthur simply mocks him while putting his knife on Ash’s neck. Of course, Frederick won’t kill Ash because the real fun starts now.

You see, remember when Shorter Wong got drugged with Banana Fish? Well, Shorter is being brainwashed by Abraham Dawson to kill Eiji Okumura.

And speaking of Eiji Okumura, he’s a sitting duck against Shorter Wong unless Eiji fights back. Then again, being a normal Japanese guy fighting against a Chinese mobster is plain wrong.

And here’s Frederick Arthur, giving Ash a fatal choice of either shoot Shorter Wong or let his best friend kill Eiji Okumura. All I can say is that Frederick is one sadistic bastard!

Nevertheless, Ash choose the former because Eiji is important to him as he shoot Shorter straight to the heart.

While he wanted to save both of them, Ash Lynx doesn’t have a choice because he’s at the mercy of Papa Dino and his goons.

And so, Shorter Wong died in Eiji Okumura’s arms and while the latter lived, it’s sucks that Ash got blood on his hands. Seriously, those assholes forced Ash to shoot his friend just for shits and giggles!

Meanwhile, here’s Ash Lynx’s gang as they’re currently twiddling their thumbs because they can’t do anything without their boss around.

That’s until this guy named Sing Soo-Ling appeared in which he and his fellow Chinese gangsters needed their help to rescue both Ash Lynx and Shorter Wong.

Then again, Soo-Ling will realize that he might be too late to save the latter.

Now let’s go back to Dino’s mansion where Lee Yut-Lung felt pity towards Ash Lynx that Yut-Lung gave him a key to set himself free.

Really Yut-Lung, you know that it’s your fault that you manipulated Shorter Wong which resulted in his death at the hands of Ash Lynx. You know what, Ash will take Yut-Lung’s head once he got out of this mess, but how will Ash free himself?

Simple, he just swings himself upward until Ash land to a beam where he use the key to uncuff himself.

You know, it would be nice if Ash grows up to be a gymnast, but he can’t because of his rough childhood.

Afterwards, Ash Lynx set both Shunichi Ibe and Max Lobo free as they storm the armory and arm themselves with assault rifles. Well, except for Ibe-san who couldn’t fire a gun.

With that in mind, time for Ash Lynx to get back at Papa Dino by trashing his mansion.

But first, he needs to rescue Eiji Okumura first as Ash doesn’t want to abandon his friend.

And look, Ash managed to find Eiji as he busted the door open so that his friend can escape.

But yes, Eiji Okumura has been rescued but it’s not over yet as Ash Lynx has some unfinished business.

That’s because he needs to take care of Abraham Dawson first because c’mon, Abraham is responsible for drugging both his brother Griffin and his best friend Shorter Wong.

Oh and speaking of Shorter Wong, Abraham Dawson is dissecting his brain for research so that his Banana Fish drug will be more effective than before. But now, Abraham is a sitting duck…

…as Ash Lynx sprays him with bullets until this mad doctor is dead. All I can say is that Abraham Dawson deserved to be killed like a dog.

With that said, Abraham Dawson is finally killed, but Ash Lynx will never get to see both his brother and his best friend ever again now that they’re dead. Not just Ash, but also Nadia who she’ll break down and cry upon learning that her brother Shorter got killed.

Still, Banana Fish will live on as Dino Golzine currently holds the drug and even though Abraham is dead, Papa Dino will force Alexis to create the drug in masses.

On the other hand, here’s Sing Soo-Ling as he saw something frightening upon entering this laboratory.

What Sing Soo-Ling saw was Ash Lynx as he’s in a foul mood right now. C’mon, Ash is full of sorrow that he was forced to kill Shorter Wong and then vent his anger at Abraham Dawson.

So yeah, Ash might kill someone if he got ticked-off. Fortunately, he spared Soo-Ling’s life as Ash got out of Papa Dino’s mansion together with his crew and Eiji.

Meanwhile, both Shunichi Ibe and Max Lobo managed to get out of Dino Golzine’s mansion and went to Charlie Dickenson’s house because c’mon, they’re tired of escaping Papa Dino’s goons.

Even Charlie Dickenson is shocked to see both Shunichi and Max at his crib. But you know what, I think they need some rest after surviving a hellish night at Dino Golzine’s mansion.

Moving back to Ash Lynx as he’s back at his hideout and orders his goons to gather information about Frederick Arthur and his allies ’cause he basically control most of the gangs in New York.

Of course, they need to be careful as they’re in danger of being killed by Arthur’s men and the Corsican mafia. After all, Ash Lynx and his crew are fighting an uphill battle at this point.

Also, Ash Lynx bought a revolver from The Fly as he lost the previous one, plus some firearms because he needs his friends and Eiji to protect themselves.

Oh and as for the payment, Ash can give his jade earring that’s worth $400,000. Yeah, Ash Lynx knows what he’s doing when facing Dino Golzine, especially when Ash is dealing with a conspiracy that involves mind-conditioning drugs.

But at the end of the day, despite being the strong gang leader he is, Ash Lynx is just a fragile man who didn’t get a chance of a normal life due to being a prostitute to various sleazy men. Hell, you may even remember the time Ash killed a man when he’s about to get raped.

Still, the only thing that Ash needs right now is a friend who can lean on, which is why he has Eiji Okumura to comfort him because Ash Lynx is very tired and weary of being tortured both mentally and physically. Still, having Eiji at his side might endanger him in the future.

Anyways, time for Ash Lynx to launch a counter-attack against “Papa” Dino Golzine. But first, Ash will have to buy a luxurious condominium unit but he can’t do it alone, so Ash asked his father to do the paperwork for him.

And by the way, that’s Max Lobo where he poses as Ash’s father because c’mon, Ash needs Max in his schemes.

With that said, Ash Lynx bought this condo unit which he’ll use it as his hideout for his gang. Oh, and this condominium is near a building that’s owned by Dino Golzine.

Yeah, that was a bold move there but still, how did Ash bought this condo unit? I mean, he doesn’t have another pair of jewelry to sell, right? I guess we’ll have to find that out…

…as one of Dino Golzine’s goons told the man himself that the funds from one of his dummy companies went missing.

Turns out, Ash Lynx outsmarted Papa Dino by hacking his bank accounts so that Ash can buy that condo unit. Gotta say that he maybe a prostitute to Papa Dino and his men, but Ash is one sly motherfucker!

But that’s about it for Episodes 9 to 11 and man, Dino Golzine is really pissed right now that he got punched in the gut by Ash Lynx.

Of course, it’s just the beginning for him and I really need to catch-up with the latest episodes of Banana Fish. With that said, see ya next time!

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