Goblin Slayer Episode #09

Let’s continue off from the previous episode as Goblin Slayer and the his party found a mirror which the giant eyeball monster was guarding it.

But now that the monster is defeated, it’s time to find out what this mirror do as the Priestess touches it.

And once the Priestess touches it, the mirror activates where they learned on why the goblins used a giant eyeball monster to guard it.

Turns out, this mirror functions as a gate where the other side shows what appears to be the home of goblins. And really, the Goblin Slayer hit a jackpot where he could have entered the gate and slay all goblins.

Of course, the Goblin Slayer is tired of dealing with that eyeball monster previously and he might not have the strength to survive against a large army of goblins. So yeah, he decides not to enter the other side.

For now, he and his party must deal with these critter again as the goblins want their mirror back.

Well, time for the Goblin Slayer and his buddies to defend the turf until they found a way to kill all of them!

That’s until they decided that it would be nice if they can use the mirror as a roof in case that there’s a cave-in.

So, the Lizard Priest mustered his strength to pry this mirror out of the wall.

Oh, and he’s joined by the Priestess as she helps the Lizard Priest on taking the mirror off. Then again, the mirror is heavy and I hope they won’t get crushed by it.

Fortunately, they managed to take the mirror off from the wall and man, the Priestess might have died there if it wasn’t for the Lizard Priest holding the mirror.

Now that they got the mirror off the wall, they’ll use it as a roof because it’s sturdy enough to withstand a cave-in…

…in which the Dwarf Shaman will use his magic to drop some rocks onto those goblins until they’re dead.

With that said, time for those goblins to taste some rocks and other debris as the sewers is about to collapse.

But you know what, I hope that Goblin Slayer and his party would survive this ordeal as the goblins are being killed.

But thanks to the mirror, they survived as the High Elf Archer emerged from the rubble. But what about the rest?

Well, here’s the Goblin Slayer and the Priestess as they got out from their makeshift roof. Glad that the mirror is being put to use.

Sadly, the mirror will be discarded as the Lizard Priest and Dwarf Shaman will have to seal it off with concrete and throw it to the sea so that no one will use it.

In any case, the sewers within Water Town is now 100% free of goblins. Still, there are questions remained unanswered like the appearance of an alligator and how the goblins acquired the mirror.

But, it seems that the Goblin Slayer suspected that the alligator’s appearance as well as the goblins using the mirror to transport their brethren to the sewers were orchestrated by someone.

Of all the people who would do such a thing, the Goblin Slayer deduced that the Sword Maiden is the one who summoned the alligator and the eyeball monster as guardians in the sewers, which the goblins gleefully used them to their advantage although they didn’t fare well with the alligator. But the reason why she did that is because the Sword Maiden really wants the Goblin Slayer to be at her side.

After all, the Sword Maiden might have defeated the Demon Lord, but she’s at the mercy when it comes to goblins as she’s being raped and tortured by them.

And the worst part? The goblins took her eyesight as they burned her eyes while they toyed her. I have to say that it was the most despicable event that the Sword Maiden is scarred for life.

Even if the goblins are cleared in Water Town, she’s still scared that the Sword Maiden is very clingy towards the Goblin Slayer.

However, she and the Goblin Slayer are not the same as the Goblin Slayer is calm and collected compared to the Sword Maiden. Of course, the Goblin Slayer assured her that he’ll come to her aid if there are goblins to be killed.

But that’s about it for this episode as the party got their reward and they head home as winners. But you know what, I think the Goblin Slayer will have an ice cream party together with his friends. With that said, I’ll see you next time and let’s hope that something interesting will happen for him and his party.

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