Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudou-bu Episode #07

On this episode, the Kazemai High School’s archery club will make their tournament debut after its revival for this school. Of course, Nanao Kisaragi felt that compared to other martial arts, kyudo doesn’t have much presence.

Oh and not only that, but the sport is comprised mostly with girls and some of them are quite good.

Still, it’s sucks that the girls from Kazemai High School didn’t join the archery club but let’s hope that they’ll get one next year. But now, time to make preparations for the prefectural qualifiers.

However, seems that Kazemai High School are getting the receiving end from Senichi and Manji Sugawara’s trash talk.

You know, it’s wrong to mock others, especially first-time competitors who started taking kyudo. And also, the Sugawara twins might cause trouble when someone like Kaito Onogi would get angry and punch them. C’mon, you don’t want two schools getting involved in a fight.

That’s until Shuu Fujiwara appeared in which he stopped the Sugawara twins. Glad that he’s not disrespecting anyone compared to both Senichi and Manji.

On the other hand, here’s Seiya Takehaya as he’s happy to see Shuu Fujiwara again, although Shuu thinks that Seiya is still acting as Minato Narumiya’s knight due to Minato having target panic.

With that said, Shuu is looking forward for Minato and Seiya to compete in the team competitions, which will happen on the 2nd day.

And as for the Sugawara twins? They got scolded by their upperclassmen because it’s bad to disrespect other competitors, especially hot-headed ones like Kaito Onogi.

Anyways, the 1st day of the tournament will have the individual competition. First off, we have Rika Seo who got four bulls-eye (or kaichu) during her run, which is enough to qualify on the next round.

On the other hand, here’s Noa Shiragiku and she’s feeling under the weather right now as Noa takes her shot…

…and misses. Oh and the worst part? Shiragiku missed all of her shots and I have to say that it was a disappoint result for her first competition.

But for the rest of her teammates, that scares them a bit especially Ryohei Yamanouchi where the pressure might put him off should Ryohei enters the individual competition.

Still, Noa Shiragiku will need to take care of herself for next year.

Now moving onto the boys where you have Kisiraki High School’s Shuu Fujiwara where the young prince made a striking result during the individual competition.

And here’s Kaito Onogi who wants to prove to everyone, especially Kirisaki, that he and his teammates will win this competition as he fires his arrow.

Unfortunately, Kaito missed his target and man, he shouldn’t said that Kazemai High School will win in the first place.

After all, they’re just starting out and they don’t pose a threat against Kirisaki High School yet.

In the end, Kaito Onogi didn’t qualify as he sulks around for being a fool during the competition.

But you know what, I think the reason why Kaito didn’t go past the first round is he’s busy practicing on how to turn the bow after firing his shot. As Masaki Takigawa said, the turning of the bow comes naturally.

Still, there’s the team competition where Kazemai High School will have a chance of proving themselves that they can take on Kirisaki High School. Of course, I’m worried about Kaito Onogi’s mental state in addition to Minato Narumiya’s target panic.

With that said, I’ll see you next time where Minato and his teammates will compete as a team!

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