Banana Fish Episodes #14 – #16

Hey everyone, here’s another post of Banana Fish where Ash Lyxn is fighting his own life after killing his street gang rival Frederick Arthur.

For Charlie Dickenson and Mr. Jenkins, they still need Ash to uncover the biggest conspiracy behind the drug that is Banana Fish. Even then, they have an uphill battle ahead as they’re not dealing with Dino Golzine, but also some corrupt officials like Senator William Kippard who are involved with the drug.

Meanwhile, here’s Eiji Okumura as he got detained by the police for participating in the gang war, although he’s more like a spectator than a fighter.

On the other hand, here’s Sing Soo-Ling as he’s being bailed out by someone else who has lots of money.

Oh, and it’s not just Soo-Ling, but also Eiji too which begs the question on who bailed them.

Turns out, it’s Lee Yut-Lung who used his money to not only save his underling, but also to capture Eiji Okumura as Yut-Lung is really fond of Eiji.

But for Eiji however, he wants to see Ash Lynx again but the problem is that he became Yut-Lung’s hostage so he can’t get away from him. Seriously Eiji, you’re acting like a damsel in distress!

Anyways, let’s move onto Yut-Lung’s mansion where Eiji is greeted by Lee Hua-Lung. But then again, seems that Hua-Lung is no longer his tough self as his mental capacity is similar that of an infant.

Oh yeah, it turns out that Lee Hua-Lung was drugged using Banana Fish or something similar.

But yeah, Yut-Lung is one scary motherfucker that he’ll do anything to take out his brothers even as far as drugging them. C’mon, Lee Yut-Lung is doing this to avenge his mother’s death.

For the time being, Lee Yut-Lung told Eiji Okumura to stay at his mansion because for him, Ash Lynx doesn’t need friends and Yut-Lung sees Eiji as a nuisance.

Unfortunately for Yut-Lung, Ash still needs friends who wanted to talk with as he’s vulnerable due to his horrible upbringing. Besides, does Yut-Lung needs true friends? No, he doesn’t have one and I must say that he’s the saddest guy ever.

Now then, let’s return to Ash Lynx as he’s still recovering from his wounds when two people visited his room.

Turns out, these two guys are from the FBI as they’ll take over the case from both Mr. Jenkins and Charlie Dickenson.

Hmm, I smell a déjà vu here as I remember watching Ash Lynx getting handled by Inspector Evanstine, who is in cahoots with “Papa” Dino Golzine. Still, Ash is in trouble as it turns out that both FBI agents are working under Senator Kippard.

Of course, they’re not gonna throw him off to a bridge and make it as an accident as Ash Lynx will be transported to the National Mental Health Institute in New Jersey.

Really, I have a bad feeling that it’s hell inside the institute as it’s owned by Papa Dino.

Oh and to hide the fact that Ash Lynx is being tortured inside the National Mental Health Institute, they created a fake news that he got shot by the police for resisting inside the facility.

Yeah, that’s gonna cause a riot in New York when they learned that Ash is dead, even though he’s not.

But for a few people like Eiji Okumura, they believe that Ash Lynx is still alive. Thus, Eiji decides not to sit idly anymore…

…and threaten Lee Yut-Lung with a glass shard, demanding Yut-Lung to let him go. That was a ballsy move from Eiji despite having cuts on his hands.

Oh, and he points a gun at Yut-Lung too once Eiji got out. Still, Lee Yut-Lung told Eiji Okumura that he doesn’t have the guts to pull the trigger for Ash’s sake as Yut-Lung will treat him as a liability.

For now, Eiji Okumura got away and let’s hope that he’ll return to Shunichi Ibe… or maybe not.

Moving onto the National Mental Health Institute as Ash Lynx met Dr. Mannerheim and here’s the thing though as he’s using Banana Fish (or B1) to experiment criminals until the drug becomes perfect.

Oh, and Dr. Mannerheim used corpses of various criminals for research such as Shorter Wong, something that Ash Lynx got flipped out over it as Ash swears to the doctor that he’ll kill him.

Then again, Dr. Mannerheim will use Ash Lynx as a guinea pig for the B1 drug, which will be the end of him.

Oh yeah, let’s talk about Eiji Okumura for a bit as he’s currently staying with Sing Soo-Ling.

And while Soo-Ling wants answers on why Ash killed Shorter, I have to say that he doesn’t know what to do even if Eiji told Soo-Ling about what happened on that day. It’s very complicated.

Let’s go back to the National Mental Health Institute where Dr. Mannerheim is about to inject the Banana Fish drug onto Ash Lynx until “Papa” Dino Golzine appeared and stopped the operation.

C’mon, he’s here to personally torture Ash Lynx because Papa Dino raised him to be the perfect gangster, and it’s also his duty to kill Ash off if he disobeys.

Sadly for Papa Dino, he’s not authorized to enter the facility as these CIA agents, who are under Senator Kippard’s wing, told Golzine that he got ousted by his own Corsican Foundation and he was replaced by Baron Isaac Zakharev.

Well, that’s sucks for him as he really wants to torture Ash Lynx personally. Oh, and as for Dr. Mannerheim? He didn’t get the go to conduct surgery towards Ash Lynx so it seems that Ash won’t get drugged.

Still, Dino Golzine will eventually kill Ash Lynx. But for now, the only thing that Papa Dino did to Ash was to briefly strangle him and told Ash that he’s a disappointment in his eyes.

Man, Dino Golzine is one bad papa but you know what, Ash will get back at him eventually once he got out of this cell!

Moving onto Shunichi Ibe and Max Lobo as both of them entered the National Mental Health Institute to rescue Ash Lynx. Unfortunately, they don’t need to do that.

That’s because Ash Lynx is on the move as he outsmarted the security guards and shoot them down. Well, I expect this facility to be heavily-guarded but I was wrong!

Also, here’s Isaac Zakharev as he’ll take this matter into his own hands. After all, he’s in charge of the Corsican Foundation as this baron will show Dino Golzine that he can beat Ash Lynx with his own hands.

But as for Papa Dino however, he just sits there and do nothing because Dino knows that what he did to Ash Lynx is terrifying. C’mon, Ash is very smart that he managed to escape from his cell simply by luring the guards into a trap!

But let’s go back to Ash Lynx where he has something to do before escaping as Ash enters the room…

…to find Alexis Dawson. Unfortunately, seems that Alexis has become a lifeless human as it turns out that Dr. Mannerheim used his creation onto him. What an cruel and ironic twist.

And so, Ash Lynx carried Alexis Dawson where he’s treated as dead weight for the time being due to being drugged by Dr. Mannerheim. Oh boy, it’s gonna be a long and hard run towards freedom.

Meanwhile, here’s Max Lobo and Shunichi Ibe as they’re caught by the security guards. That’s sucks for them as they should have become a bit sneaky when rescuing Ash Lynx.

Right now, they’re detained by Dr. Mannerheim and his men where I have a feeling that they’ll turn into his guinea pigs… until someone opened the door.

And lo and behold, it’s Ash Lynx as he’s here to get them instead of being locked up and get drugged in the facility.

For Max Lobo, he’s glad that Ash is alive but let’s just say that Ash Lynx went through hell on escaping his cell, even as far as going down the dumpster where he smelled really bad.

But enough talk, time to make their escape from the National Mental Health Institute.

On second thought, seems that they have to stick around for a bit longer as Shunichi, Max, and Ash stumbled upon two people making out. Man, what are they gonna do at this weird situation?

Luckily, Max Lobo and Ash Lynx “borrowed” some uniform from those two people earlier. At least they can have sex in the nude that’s for sure.

As for Shunichi Ibe, he’s hiding under the sheet as they didn’t found a spare. With that said, they’re at the home stretch but Ash needs to get someone who’s very important.

That’s right, they need to pick up Alexis Dawson because he’s still a valuable witness even though Alexis couldn’t speak nor think because of Banana Fish. Now that they’re done picking Alexis up, time to find a getaway vehicle…

Fortunately, they found an ambulance where they got out of the hospital smoothly. I mean, they can’t just go all-out and crash some barriers that’ll cause a car chase sequence.

Anyways, looks like Max Lobo, Shunichi Ibe, and Ash Lynx got out of the National Mental Health Institute. It’s not easy, but Max and Shunichi managed to rescue Ash instead of being experimented by Dr. Mannerheim.

Oh, and let’s not forget that they got Alexis Dawson as a bonus!

For Baron Isaac Zakharev, he couldn’t believe that a mere kid got out of hospital right under his nose. So much for the new boss of the Corsican Foundation.

But for Papa Dino however, he had enough of the baron’s incompetence as Dino Golzine pulls out his gun…

…and shoot Isaac Zakharev until he’s dead. Well, we’ll surely miss this guy but the Corsican Foundation and even Senator William Kippard won’t like this.

But seriously though, Isaac Zakharev couldn’t even tame or kill the lynx that is Ash. Still, the experimentation made by Dr. Mannerheim is downright horrible, just to make Banana Fish or B1 into a perfect drug to manipulate someone’s mind until they turn into an empty shell.

For the time being, Ash Lynx will have to find and rescue Eiji Okumura as he borrowed some clothes from Max Lobo. Seems that he doesn’t want to wear a nurse uniform anymore.

As for Alexis Dawson, he’ll be kept to a summer house in Long Island but even then, Alexis is no longer himself anymore because he was drugged by his own creation.

Anyways, I’m done watching Episodes 14 to 16 as I’m still catching-up until the end of Banana Fish. Will Ash able to see Eiji again? We’ll find out…

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