Goblin Slayer Episode #10

Oh look, it’s the Chosen Heroine and her party as they’re here for a final battle against the Demon Lord!

Of course, I feel that even though the Demon Lord will face defeat at the hands of the Chosen Heroine, it won’t be guarantee that there will be eternal peace as adventurers will have to deal with demons roaming around the world and eventually themselves when there’s no more monsters to slay.

Anyways, the Demon Lord is finally defeated and everyone rejoiced that the Chosen Heroine and her party have done it. And that’s about it for this week’s episode, see ya next time!

Just kidding, we’re not gonna end this episode as it’s not her story, it’s Goblin Slayer’s story as he’ll go home after dealing with goblins at Water Town. He maybe weary, but the Goblin Slayer is still alive.

On the other hand, he has a dream about his elder sister. Sadly, everything changed when his elder sister got raped and killed by goblins and those peaceful times are over!

Now then, let’s move onto something different as we have these porcelain-ranked adventurers training with one of the veterans.

Oh yeah, said veteran happened to be the Heavy Warrior who looks like Guts from Berserk, except that he didn’t have any sort of trauma.

Come to think of it, I feel that Goblin Slayer owes a lot from Berserk, except that Berserk is far gorier and it’s far longer than Goblin Slayer.

Anyways, it seems that these rookie adventurers will have a long way to go before they become stronger and wiser so that they can take out goblins and other dangerous monsters.

And as for the Heavy Warrior? Well, he’ll have a sparring match against the Female Knight. Don’t go easy on her, Heavy Warrior!

And now, let’s move onto Cow Girl as she’s invited to have a banquet at the Guild Hall…

…courtesy of the Goblin Slayer as he and his party have arrived safe and sound.

Oh, and the Cow Girl will be joined by the Guild Girl because the more guests, the merrier the banquet!

With that said, time for them to unwind and enjoy the banquet after weeks of fighting against goblins.

Even though they’re not dealing with monsters related to the Demon Lord, what they did back in Water Town was significant that they got a decent reward.

Of course, what worries the Goblin Slayer is the future after dealing with those critters. Will he settle down and start a family with the Cow Girl, or train young adventurers much like the Heavy Warrior?

For the time being, he needs to be cautious despite the Demon Lord’s defeat as the Goblin Slayer will continue slaying those goblins, so that his loved ones won’t fall into the critters’ hands. And really, he doesn’t want to experience losing someone he cared about much like his elder sister.

Anyways, we’re closer to the finale of this show and let’s hope that something amazing will happen next week!

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