Banana Fish Episodes #17 – #20

Well everyone, I’m getting closer to the home stretch as I’ll cover Episodes 17 to 20 of Banana Fish starting with Ash Lynx as he returns to his gang and everyone felt a sigh of relief that he’s alive.

Of course, the only person who’s happy about his return is Eiji Okumura who is very glad that Ash has returned.

On the other hand, Eiji told Ash about Shorter Wong’s death towards Sing Soo-Ling.

While he’ll be angry that someone learned the harsh truth regarding Shorter’s unfortunate death, it’s better than keeping Sing and his gang out of the loop.

Meanwhile, here’s “Papa” Dino Golzine as he’s called by Lee Hua-Lung for a meeting. Sadly for Papa Dino, Hua-Lung is not the one who called him as he’s basically became a vegetable.

Rather, it was Lee Yut-Lung who called Dino Golzine to discuss an alliance. I mean, what could possibly go wrong when you have the Corsican Mafia and the Lee clan joining forces?

Anyways, Yut-Lung asked Papa Dino to eliminate his older brother Wang-Lung in exchange for not only Alexis Dawson, but also the Banana Fish formula and various criminal evidence such as tax evasion that’ll bring Dino Golzine down.

Speaking of evidence, looks like Ash Lynx managed to get one as he gave the evidence, including the Banana Fish formula, to both Max Lobo and his partner Steve Robert.

At this point, they have the advantage over Papa Dino but how long will it last is up to them.

But let’s go back to Lee Yut-Lung where he’s about to get strangled by Lee Wang-Lung. C’mon, Yut-Lung hates his brothers for killing his mother like a dog, so it’s natural for Wang-Lung to kill him for his treachery.

Unfortunately, Yut-Lung shouted at Wang-Lung that the only regret that his brother did was letting him live, which is why Yut-Lung swears to the entire Lee clan that he’ll kill everyone even if he got outside help.

Hence, Lee Yut-Lung asked the Corsican Mafia to do his dirty work because he doesn’t want to stain his hands with Wang-Lung’s blood.

And as you can see, Papa Dino’s men sprayed Wang-Lung with bullets and the only thing we see is gun flashes.

In any case, Lee Wang-Lung died which means that Yut-Lung will be the only successor to the Lee clan. Now, he must pay Papa Dino’s dues but what will Yut-Lung do to make the don happy?

Now then, let’s return to Ash Lynx as he attempts to gather information regarding the Banana Fish conspiracy, starting with Senator William Kippard where Ash used his charm to trap the senator.

Man, I guess Senator Kippard is too busy fucking Ash’s ass that he forgot that he’s being targeted by a male prostitute.

Sadly, Ash Lynx won’t get any answers from Senator William Kippard as he got assassinated by a sniper. Oh boy, I wonder who’s ruining Ash’s plans to bring Papa Dino down.

Oh and not just Senator Kippard, but also Colonel Thomas Holstock in which his driver got shot…

…and his car got crashed by a truck in the freeway. These two men are related to the Banana Fish drug experiment and I have a feeling that someone is eliminating them on Dino Golzine’s behalf.

Of course, this leaves Arthur Smiles as the only survivor connected to the conspiracy as the Chief of Staff fears for his life. Who knows when will Papa Dino’s personal sniper assassinates Arthur Smiles.

Anyways, let’s move onto the next scene where Ash Lynx got summoned by Lee Yut-Lung and he was told to hand over the documents plus Alexis Dawson. Oh and Yut-Lung told Ash to kill himself in exchange for Eiji Okumura’s life.

Of course, Yut-Lung was just bluffing as the handgun wasn’t loaded, but Ash will do it anyway which annoys him much.

That’s until this guy appeared by the name of Blanca as he told Yut-Lung that he’ll take care of Ash Lynx. Now then, who is this Blanca guy anyway?

Turns out that Blanca is a former Spetsnaz agent whose real name is Lt. Sergei Varishikov. He took the name “Blanca” from his deceased wife Natalia Karsavina and was recruited by Dino Golzine to train Ash Lynx into a formidable beast that’s worthy of Papa Dino’s eyes. Oh, and only Dino Golzine knows Blanca’s past.

Regardless, Ash Lynx will have to greet his master in a sparring match. Nah, it’s more like a brawl rather than proper show of fighting prowess.

But yes, it’s gonna be one rude reunion between Ash Lynx and Blanca. Unfortunately for Ash, he’s no match against a former Spetsnaz agent.

In fact, there’s no contest as Blanca delivered a devastating shoulder thrust towards Ash’s heart.

Anyways, Ash Lynx goes down as Blanca told Ash to return the documents and Alexis Dawson to Dino Golzine, then go back to his mansion and be a proper adoptive son to him.

As for Ash, he agreed to follow Blanca’s terms but told his master not to hurt Eiji Okumura because Ash considered him as his friend.

And upon hearing that, Blanca realized that he’ll do anything to save Eiji, even at the cost of his life and freedom.

Well, seems that Blanca will have to think twice from now on when dealing with Eiji Okumura.

Now then, it appears that the war against Papa Dino has lost at point in time as Lee Yut-Lung awaits Ash Lynx.

And really, there’s no other choice for Ash but to become Papa Dino’s bitch by surrendering himself, the documents containing Banana Fish, and Alexis Dawson in exchange for Eiji’s life.

Anyways, “Papa” Dino Golzine got away scot-free!

As for Blanca, he decides to lend his service to Lee Yut-Lung as a bodyguard because Yut-Lung knows Blanca’s secrets as a former Spetsnaz agent.

For Yut-Lung, having a former Spetsnaz agent is a plus for him but for Blanca however, he has an agenda and it involves Eiji Okumura.

But let’s go back to Ash Lynx where despite receiving the best clothes and everything, Dino Golzine treats him like dirt. Hell, he even force Ash to work overtime to clear up his tax evasion case.

Well, forget about Papa Dino treating Ash like dirt as he’s being treated as Dino’s personal cum dumpster.

C’mon, Ash flat-out said the truth to Papa Dino because no matter how much expensive gifts that he received, Ash Lynx will be Dino Golzine’s personal toilet in the end.

See what I mean, Dino Golzine is one bad papa as he kicks his adopted son/successor to the Corsican Mafia like a bitch.

Honestly, why bother making him as a successor when Papa Dino will just use Ash as a cum dumpster. Man, if only someone would rescue Ash Lynx from this hell hole!

Luckily, Ash Lynx’s gang has a plan to bail him out as they got some help from not only from Sing Soo-Ling’s gang…

…but also from Cain Blood as they’re planning to storm the upcoming ball hosted by the Corsican Foundation, which they learned that Dino Golzine will present Ash Lynx as his successor to his stockholders and other patrons.

On the other hand, I wonder what role will Eiji Okumura play as he’s a civilian that was caught in a bigger conspiracy?

Anyways, here’s “Papa” Dino Golzine as he walks down the ball in triumph now that he’s cleared of tax evasion charges.

Also, he brought Ash Lynx too because Papa Dino wants him to be his successor, although Ash is bound to a wheelchair and he can’t see due to various drugs that he received.

Now then, here’s Eiji Okumura as he participate in rescuing his buddy Ash Lynx. Of course, Shunichi Ibe will be worried that his assistant is on a dangerous job and he might die if Eiji is not careful.

Anyways, time for Sing Soo-Ling’s gang to start the party by scaring the shit out of the guests with bullets.

Gotta say that the Corsican Mafia, plus some notable guests such as Blanca and Lee Yut-Lung, are caught off-guard with this.

However, this gives the time for Eiji to pull out his pistol and fires at Dino Golzine so he can set Ash Lynx free.

Man, if only Eiji Okumura shoots this old geezer in the head but oh well, there goes Papa Dino’s other shoulder.

With that said, Ash Lynx is saved but they have to get away from the Corsican Mafia. Oh, and Lee Yut-Lung will order his men to hunt Ash down and capture his friends.

Then again, if would have been simpler for Yut-Lung if he kills Eiji Okumura, but Blanca won’t allow his client to get his hands dirty especially when dealing with Eiji.

On the other hand, some of them are not pleased on rescuing Ash with Lao Yuen-Tai lashing out towards Soo-Ling as he hates Ash Lynx for killing Shorter Wong.

C’mon, Ash doesn’t have a choice as Shorter got drugged and he was forced to kill him in order to rescue Eiji Okumura.

In any case, Sing told Lao that without Ash around, there will be another Frederick Arthur and another gang war will erupt across New York. After all, who wants the city that never sleeps becoming a warzone?

Anyways, it seems that their argument will be postponed as Lee Yut-Lung sends his goons to capture everyone, even if it means killing the likes of Yuen-Tai and Soo-Ling for being a traitor.

With that said, time for them to make an escape with Cain Blood carrying Ash Lynx as he’s very tired and weary after countless abuse from Dino Golzine. If Ash got captured, it’s all over!

However, some got captured with Eiji Okumura and Ash Lynx’s buddies being treated harshly by Yut-Lung’s men.

Oh, and they don’t have any mercy towards everyone including Sing Soo-Ling as they’re about to shoot him in the head.

Not until Lao Yuen-Tai pushed this good out of the way and kick Sing Soo-Ling to save himself. Of course, I’m worried that Lao might be killed by then.

Now let’s go back to Ash Lynx where he doesn’t want to sit around and do nothing. In fact, Ash broke himself free as he told Cain Blood that he wants to rescue his gang and Eiji Okumura right now.

Of course, Ash needed Cain’s help as he’ll ambush Lee Yut-Lung so that the leader of the Lee clan will order his goons to set the captives free. Then again, Ash will have to confront his master Blanca first.

With that said, time for Ash Lynx’s plan to work as Cain Blood and his Harlem gang open fire at Lee Yut-Lung and his men. Man, they should be on guard at all times.

On the other hand, Blanca told Yut-Lung to stay down because it would be stupid to go out in the open and get gunned down.

Then again, it’s too late now because Lee Yut-Lung got captured by Ash Lynx as he sneak up on him. Man, Yut-Lung should have listened to Blanca’s words.

Still, Yut-Lung got the last laugh as he captured his buddies from the sewers…

…including Eiji Okumura in which Yut-Lung despises him. So, what will Ash do now? I mean, he can’t just kill Yut-Lung which results in the death of his friends.

How about a hostage exchange then. That way, the hostages won’t get killed except for Ash Lynx and Blanca in which they might exchange fire.

Still, Ash might snap and kill Yut-Lung on the spot because he knows how to break someone’s neck or apply pressure points to make Yut-Lung explode. Just kidding about the latter part!

Of course, Blanca might do the same towards Ash’s friends except for Eiji in which Blanca will spare him. After all, Ash told him not to kill Okumura much to Lee Yut-Lung’s annoyance.

But anyways, Ash Lynx let got of Lee Yut-Lung because he hates Yut-Lung for being a prick, while Blanca told Eiji Okumura and the rest to run as fast as they can if they want to live of course.

That’s because Blanca will shoot at his pupil for his disobedience towards Papa Dino and himself.

Not on Ash Lynx’s watch as he just got a flesh wound on his shoulder while throwing a knife at Blanca’s arm. Seriously, that’s gotta hurt coming from Blanca, but then again he doesn’t feel any pain since he’s a professional.

Well, looks like Ash Lyxn got his buddies and Eiji Okumura back as they escape the museum with Cain Blood. And while Ash can’t beat Blanca yet, I feel that he’ll confront his master before defeating the final boss.

Speaking of the final boss, here’s “Papa” Dino Golzine as he arrived at the scene together with his goons.

Sadly, he won’t get his paws on Ash Lynx as he got away if it wasn’t for Lee Yut-Lung and Blanca’s blunders.

In any case, looks like Papa Dino and the Corsican Mafia will take care of the rest as we’ve reached the final 4 episodes of Banana Fish.

At this point, there will be a final battle between Ash Lynx and Dino Golzine where the winner will determine the fate of the United States. After all, Ash wants to uncover the conspiracy behind the Banana Fish drug while Papa Dino wants to bury it into obscurity and control not just America, but the entire world. In any case, I’ll see you next time…

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