SSSS.GRIDMAN Episode #12

Well everyone, it’s the final episode of SSSS.GRIDMAN where Akane Shinjou transformed into a kaiju, against her will by Alexis Kerib in which he really used her instability for his amusement.

For Rikka Takarada, she can’t save her friend when Akane became a monster. Heck, her voice will not be heard at this point because Alexis sealed her heart.

However, there’s one entity who can save Akane Shinjou… and that will be Anti or rather Gridknight as he tries to open this kaiju up and rescue Akane whether she likes it or not.

Meanwhile, here’s Alexis Kerib where he just enjoy this delicious moment of watching Akane destroy the city that she created.

Of course, Rikka Takarada won’t let Alexis do as he pleases towards Akane as she and her friends will definitely save Shinjou!

Fortunately, seems that Rikka’s vow to rescue Akane will happen as Yuuta- or rather Gridman arrives to take her hand.

See, Gridman will do anything to not only rescue Akane, but also defeat Alexis Kerib. Still, they need to bring one more person…

…and that will be Shou Utsumi. Unfortunately for Utsumi, he can’t do anything because even though he knows about everything related to the Ultra Series, Shou is pretty much useless.

However, that wasn’t the case as without Shou Utsumi, the Gridman Alliance won’t exist. In any case, Rikka Takarada and Yuuta Hibiki/Gridman needs him in order to rescue Akane Shinjou.

And speaking of Akane Shinjou, gotta say that Alexis got a lewd mind when he bound Akane into a myriad of hands, touching her body including her tits.

Fortunately, Anti managed to rescue Akane Shinjou as he pulled out from the kaiju…

…until Alexis Kerib stabbed Anti in the back. Well, seems that Alexis managed to kill this failure the second time around.

And there goes Anti as he falls off and dies on the spot. Dammit, say it ain’t so!

As for Alexis Kerib? He decides to merge with Akane to achieve his true form. At this point, there’s no stopping him!

Not on Gridman’s watch as he and his fellow hyper agents from Neon Genesis Junior High School goes into battle for one last time.

And by the way, the Assist Weapons got their own Acceptor so it’s not just Yuuta or Anti who got it. In any case, let’s hope that they defeat Alexis Kerib once and for all.

Of course, they need Rikka Takarada and Shou Utsumi’s help as they type in the access code…

…which happened to be Gridman. Oh and one more thing, the SSSS stands for “Special Signature to Save a Soul”, not “Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad”.

Either way, it’s time for Gridman to rise again and damn, seems that the hyper agent is rocking that original 1993 look! BABY DAN DAN Intensifies…

And now, time for Gridman to finish Alexis Kerib off with his Grid Beam!

However, Alexis Kerib has other plans because it turns out that Alexis is immortal thanks to Akane Shinjou’s godlike powers flowing inside his body.

Anyways, the hyper agent is doomed as Gridman is about to get hit by Alexis’ destructive ball…

…and he paid the price for it. At this point, Gridman won’t rise again!

Then again, this fight ain’t over till it’s over as the hyper agent returns to deliver one last attack: Grid Fixer Beam!

This attack is supposed to repair everything that was destroyed by kaiju, but it seems that it’s also effective towards Alexis Kerib because the Grid Fixer Beam reaches Akane’s broken heart.

And really, that attack is needed to rescue her from despair as Akane currently shuts herself from the outside world.

However, Rikka Takarada and the rest reached her out because they’re friends. C’mon Rikka, you have to believe in them!

But as for Alexis Kerib, looks like he’s down for the count as he received a devastating punch by Gridman…

…which is then followed up by Alexis getting sealed by the hyper agent. Thus, Gridman’s mission is complete.

Not only that, but Tsutsujidai is restored with all of the kaiju removed. Seems that everyone will feel a sigh of relief now that they won’t be threatened by monsters again.

Meanwhile, it’s time for a heart-to-heart talk between two friends where Rikka Takarada told Akane Shinjou to explore the outside world and make an impression towards other people.

Also, Rikka told Akane that they’ll remain friends no matter how far they are. Man, I have to say that it was a touching moment between these two girls.

Also, here’s both Shou Utsumi and Gridman where the latter will bid farewell now that the hyper agent completed his mission.

Of course, doing so will wake the real Yuuta Hibiki up with no recollection on his time spent as the host of Gridman.

So, the hyper agent told Shou to give Yuuta a present and tell him the events once he wakes up.

With that said, time for Gridman and his Assist Weapon to return to the Hyper World now that Alexis Kerib is sealed.

But before that, Gridman told Rikka Takarada that the reason why he selected Yuuta Hibiki as the hyper agent’s host is because of her. Basically, Yuuta has a crush on Rikka, but I feel that she needs to remind Yuuta about that.

Anyways, Gridman and his fellow hyper agents from Neon Genesis Junior High School bids farewell as they returned to the hyper world. But wait where’s Anti?

On the other hand, why is the Anosillus the 2nd doing here on this final episode?

Turns out, the second Anosillus managed to save Anti from certain death. Not only that, but his right eye got healed, or rather Anti got a new eyeball as the eye color is different from his left.

Well, seems that Anti lived to see another day but he’s no longer a person (or a kaiju) whose sole purpose is to murder Gridman. So yeah, he’ll just live a normal boy.

One last thing, here’s Yuuta Hibiki where he doesn’t remember a thing about being Gridman’s host. Looks like it’s time for Shou Utsumi and Rikka Takarada to tell him from the beginning.

And so, SSSS.GRIDMAN ends in the most awesome way as possible and you may thank Studio Trigger for saving us yet again. Yes, this show is amazing but you need some knowledge about the 1993 tokusatsu show, plus some various shout-outs to Transformers, in order to understand the lore.

Regardless of whether you know the original Denkou Choujin Gridman or not, you still have a blast watching this show because the story is interesting when you realize that it’s not just kids saving a town from a monster of the week, but rather saving someone like Akane Shinjou who’s scared facing the harsh reality such as depression and loneliness. And really, I’m glad that Yuuta, Rikka, and Shou managed to reach Akane and set her free from Alexis’ grasp.

Speaking of reality, seems that Studio Trigger inserted a live action sequence where you have a girl waking up from a dream. Wait a minute, isn’t that Akane Shinjou, and what happened throughout the entire 12 episodes were all just a simulation? Still, it’s surprising that Trigger manage to do this!

Anyways, that’s about it for SSSS.GRIDMAN. It was a fun ride and thank you Studio Trigger as they saved Christmas from being ruined!

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