Goblin Slayer Episode #12

Well look what we have here, seems that the Rookie Warrior has managed to score a kill against a goblin while defending the Apprentice Cleric. Quite a development there since the rookie due first appeared in Episode 5.

Also, seems that the veterans are dealing the final blow against the goblin champions as both the Female Knight…

…and the Heavy Warrior are confusing the champions until their weak points are exposed.

Oh, and they’ll have to deal with goblin grunts too because they’re annoying and might backstab them if they’re not careful.

With that said, one of the goblin champions got killed by the Heavy Warrior, although it wouldn’t be possible without the help from the Female Knight.

Also, the Spearman managed to kill another goblin champion. This means that the goblin army is now being reduced to nothing at this point.

But even though the Cow Girl and his uncle are safe from harm, it appears that she’s still worried about the Goblin Slayer.

In fact, the Cow Girl regretted of leaving her childhood friend behind in which he faced the inevitable. Still, I’m hoping that the Goblin Slayer will survive…

…once he killed the goblin lord of course as Goblin Slayer put a bloody dent on the lord’s skull.

However, it appears that the goblin lord remained tough as it slashed the Goblin Slayer’s left arm which takes away his shield.

But, he managed to pierce the goblin lord’s armor but with his short sword broken, the Goblin Slayer might be a goner.

And really, he’s being bashed by the goblin lord until the Goblin Slayer is dead.

That’s until the Priestess arrived to rescue her companion by using Protection against the goblin lord.

Oh and she casts two Protection spells against the goblin lord that he begs for mercy towards the Priestess.

Are you kidding me, do you want her to let you go and restock? There’s no way!

Anyways, the Goblin Slayer won’t have the goblin lord roll another dice as he got up and delivered a coup de grâce by using his broken short sword.

And despite being broken off after thrusting it towards the goblin lord’s armor, it’s still damn effective when he lunge it towards its neck.

With that said, the goblin lord is finally killed. But as for the Goblin Slayer, he’ll live to fight another day as the Priestess healed his wounds.

Well, I must say that the Priestess is very helpful towards her companion, even at the most crucial moment.

As the dust settled in, the adventurers are now await their hero who convinced them to take up arms against the goblins.

Sure that he’s not the chosen one, but the Goblin Slayer has managed to use his experience to repel a goblin army, even if most of them call him as a weirdo simply because of his obsession of killing goblins.

And speaking of the chosen one, the Chosen Heroine and her party are still fighting the Demon Lord’s remnants even if they managed to defeat the greatest evil that terrorize the entire world.

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without the Goblin Slayer’s intervention as the Chosen Heroine revealed that her village was saved by the eponymous Goblin Slayer, despite the fact that she didn’t personally met him before.

But now, it’s time for some festivities as the Goblin Slayer treats them a feast for a job well done. C’mon, he has to pay for them after requesting their assistance.

Also, the Cow Girl wants to thank everybody for defending her farm as she takes her leave.

On the other hand, seems that the Goblin Slayer is having a rare moment where he was asked by the Priestess to see his face.

And so, Goblin Slayer takes off his helmet and you’ll be surprised to see how handsome he is, even though we won’t be able to see his eyes.

As for the Priestess, she’s shocked to see her companion as a handsome man. Quite a rare sight indeed!

Oh and everyone flocked in to see the Goblin Slayer’s face. I must say that this will be the most unforgettable event inside the Adventurers’ Hall.

And that’s about it for this anime series as the Goblin Slayer made a smile, quite a rare sight since he doesn’t express much.

In any case, I must say that this show is awesome as the titular character and his party used various ways to effectively kill goblins. Also, I like how the Goblin Slayer grow from being a monotonous adventurer into something more approachable thanks to his companions although it would be nice if his backstory will be expanded, especially when it comes to his first year as an adventurer. Oh, and I wanna see some characters being featured like how the Sword Maiden and her party managed to defeat the Demon Lord.

But at the end of the day, Goblin Slayer will always be remembered for its shock value, especially when it comes to rape and various humiliation to female characters. At least the Cow Girl and the Priestess are safe from harm but really, this show is not for the faint-hearted and if you don’t like characters getting raped and such, you can stay away from this one.

Just before I end this post, I have to point out that the world of Goblin Slayer is just being played out as a tabletop RPG where we, the viewers, are playing their lives… except for the titular Goblin Slayer in which he won’t let us throw the dice. But that’s okay because we enjoy his exploits as he’s being treated as a wild card.

And one more thing, it turns out that this TV series will return in the future. Then again, most of them wished for Goblin Slayer to stay for one season instead of having another.

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  1. Alexithymic Maestro says:

    Great post. The last 2 episodes were really exciting, especially the part when the veterans fought against the champion goblins.
    Damn! I really wanted to see goblin slayers full face.

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