Banana Fish Episodes #21 – #23

We’ve reached the final stretch of this series and while Dino Golzine and his men will hunt Ash Lynx down, he might have the last laugh once he exposed the truth about Banana Fish.

For now, he and Eiji Okumura are spending their quiet time as they recover their energy after that tremendous escape from not only the Corsican Mafia, but also Lee Yut-Lung and his men.

On the other hand, looks like they saw Sing Soo-Ling as he collapsed after escaping his captors thanks to Lao Yuen-Tai’s intervention.

Fortunately, Soo-Ling managed to live as Ash and his friends treated his wounds. Still, Sing wants his buddies to be rescued from Lee Yut-Lung.

And speaking of Lee Yut-Lung, he won’t have any mercy towards his fellow Chinese especially Lao Yuen-Tai.

Of course, Yut-Lung wants to give Yuen-Tai a chance to live if he can kill both Ash Lynx and Eiji Okumura. I hope Lao won’t listen to him.

Anyways, seems that Ash Lynx and the gang have managed to storm into the hideout and rescue Soo-Ling’s mates, although it seems that the security is somewhat lax.

Still, what’s important is that they’ve rescued most of Sing’s gang members. Then again, I have a bad feeling that it might lead them to a trap.

Afterwards, it’s time for Ash to find some more evidence against Papa Dino as he hunts down Frank “The Frog” Sanchez, who he holds some child pornography pictures of various young boys including Ash Lynx.

While it’s disgusting to get those pics from the Frog himself since he’s the one taking pictures of children getting raped, but what’s important is that Ash Lynx got the evidence from Frank Sanchez so that it’ll be used against Papa Dino. Oh, and as for the Frog, he might get killed by someone else.

In any case, Ash Lynx gave the pics to both Max Lobo and Steve Robert, including his own even though it’s very humiliating for him.

But, Max has decided not to include Ash’s pictures as he told him to break free from the past.

Still, these child pornography pictures are useful against Dino Golzine and not only that, but it serves as a warning to those who are raping children and take pictures of it. Of course, Papa Dino will get those back.

In fact, he sends a group of professional killers to take the evidence back, even if they’ll resort to killing everyone including Ash Lynx.

Then again, these professional killers are just scaring them as they escaped before Ash Lynx and Cain Blood had a chance to kill them. But anyways, who are these professional killers?

Well, they’re led by Eduardo L. Fox, a former French Legionnaire Colonel who is officially dead in the eyes of everyone except for “Papa” Dino Golzine where he recruited Colonel Fox and his former Legionnaires.

Anyways, looks like Ash Lynx are in trouble as these professional killers might hunt everyone who holds the evidence that’ll bring Dino Golzine down. And with that, it’s time for him to guard some important people…

…such as Jessica Randy in which Ash’s friends tries to convince her to hide in their hideout, but Jessica won’t give a damn about it because she might kill them on the spot.

And really, she learned how to fight back after being raped by the Corsican Mafia.

Anyways, here’s Ash Lynx as he asked Jessica to go at his hideout and take refuge. C’mon, he’s doing it for her own good.

But when Jessica Randy arrived at Ash’s hideout, she continues to bicker with her ex-husband Max Lobo. Um you two, there’s no time for some argument.

Especially when Eduardo L. Fox and his team have arrived to round up the party, although some of them will be killed should they resist.

Now while the likes of Eiji Okumura and Jessica Randy have fled together with Cain Blood and Sing Soo-Ling…

…others like Max Lobo are being caught by Colonel Fox’s team. Of course, they won’t hesitate to kill them unless Ash Lynx appeared.

Speaking of Ash, he decides to go out there and surrender to Eduardo L. Fox and his men.

But even then, the colonel won’t bother letting his friends go as Eduardo L. Fox will send Ash’s buddies to the National Mental Health Institute and inject them with the Banana Fish drug.

And what’s worse? Colonel Fox wants to have his way by raping Ash Lynx, telling Ash that he’ll control the Corsican Foundation and him from the shadows.

Man, I have a bad feeling that he’ll usurped Papa Dino when he’s done bringing Ash Lynx back to the mafia. For now, he needs to be saved.

Fortunately, Eiji Okumura and the rest are here to rescue Ash Lynx. Then again, there’s no need for their help…

…as Ash can get out of this hellhole by any means, even if he resorts to stabbing one of Colonel Fox’s men.

Afterwards, he met up with Eiji Okumura and the rest. Still, Ash Lynx is still shaken from being raped by Colonel Fox that he couldn’t calm down.

Well, at least Eiji is here to calm Ash down. Who says that he’s a liability, huh?

While Ash Lynx is rescued yet again, there’s no much time to celebrate…

In fact, Max Lobo and the rest are gonna become test subjects for Dr. Mannerheim in New Jersey.

Or worse, it’ll be Colonel Fox who will do the drugging to Max and the rest of Ash’s gang. Let’s hope that it won’t happen right away or they’ll become empty shells once Ash Lynx saves them.

In the meantime, Ash Lynx must come up a plan to infiltrate the National Mental Health Institute and rescue the buddies, all while gather all evidence against Dino Golzine and give it to Jessica Randy.

And while she was shocked to see that Ash is being raped as a kid, let’s just say that he got used to it as Ash Lynx survived from all the abuse and fought back.

Not only that, but his life has changed thanks to Eiji Okumura where he wants Ash to visit Japan and live a peaceful life there. Of course, Eiji will have to teach Ash some simple Japanese phrase first.

However, seems that their Japanese language will be interrupted when Sing Soo-Ling’s men opened fire at Ash Lynx.

And not only that, they shoot Eiji Okumura in which that’s a “no no” to Ash Lynx. I have to say that Lee Yut-Lung’s intimidation worked towards them as they’re forced to kill both Ash and Eiji.

But what they didn’t realize is that Ash Lynx is very ruthless and he won’t hesitate to kill anyone who hurt Eiji Okumura.

Sure that Yut-Lung threatened Eiji’s life which forces Ash to give up something for his safety, seems that the current head of the Lee clan doesn’t know that Ash Lynx can be quite threatening when Eiji is gravely injured.

In any case, one goon fell down and the other one is about to taste Ash’s wrath with death. Honestly, that’s gonna be a big problem between him and Soo-Ling’s gang

For Eiji Okumura, he was sent to the hospital where he managed to survive. At least Jessica Randy and Shunichi Ibe are relieved that he’s alive.

But for Ash Lynx however, he was treated by his mentor Blanca which is surprising since Blanca is under Lee Yut-Lung’s contract, therefore making him as an enemy to Ash. But regardless of allegiance, Blanca is there to save his pupil from certain death.

With Ash Lynx survived thanks to Blanca’s intervention, the only thing that he needs to address is Sing Soo-Ling’s gang when two members conspired and attempted to kill him and Eiji Okumura. For Soo-Ling, he’ll take responsibility as he’ll make an apology and also challenge him to a duel, even though Ash won’t do the latter. C’mon, accepting Soo-Ling’s apology is enough for him.

Of course, there’s Lao Yuen-Tai where he won’t even acknowledge Ash Lynx as Yuen-Tai lashes him out for killing his two companions, even though they’re the ones who attempted to kill Ash and Eiji.

But you know what, Lao and his friends are coerced by Lee Yut-Lung a few days ago so he’s at fault for conspiring with the head of the Lee clan.

As for Sing however, he had enough of Lao’s lashing-out as he punched his companion for stepping out of line.

Regardless, Lao Yuen-Tai couldn’t take it anymore as he decides to leave simply because he’ll never recognize Ash Lynx as a leader nor a comrade due to him killing Shorter Wong.

In any case, Lao Yuen-Tai called it quits and left. Let’s hope that he won’t return as an enemy ’cause it would be bad.

Still, it’s sad that Lao Yuen-Tai’s patience has ran out that he couldn’t tolerate Ash Lynx, unlike Sing Soo-Ling where he understands Ash’s plight when he’s forced to kill his best friend.

On the other hand, there’s also another person leaving as Blanca decides to end his contract with Lee Yut-Lung.

The reason why he wants to leave Yut-Lung behind is because Blanca sees him as a pitiful person who knows nothing but hatred.

And speaking of Lee Yut-Lung, he already got his revenge against his brothers who raped and murdered his young mother. And by the way, Yut-Lung’s mother was married at the age of 10 to a 65 year old triad leader in Hong Kong.

In any case, the reason why Lee Yut-Lung wants Eiji Okumura dead is because he not only wants Ash Lynx to be like him, but Yut-Lung is freaking jealous that Ash has a friend to lean on. Heck, let’s not forget that Blanca (or Sergei Varishikov) has a wife Natalia Karsavina who loved her dearly before being killed in a terrorist attack (or the Soviet government).

Regardless, Blanca takes his leave and went to his pupil Ash Lynx where he lends his expertise to rescue his buddies. But first, they need to visit the hospital first…

…where Eiji Okumura is currently treating his wounds after Lao’s companions shot him. While Eiji is alive, Ash blames himself for putting his friend into danger as he says “sayonara” to Okumura.

But as Ash is about to leave the hospital, Eiji emerged from his bed and told him that he’ll be waiting for his return. For now, Eiji told Ash to go before Charlie Dickenson arrests him.

Meanwhile, Steve Robert and Jessica Randy went to the News Week editorial office as they finished gathering all the evidence against Dino Golzine and his involvement with various US officials like Chief of Staff Arthur Smiles.

Now, all they can do is to give the evidence to the editorial chief and make a scoop about it!

However, Jessica Randy has some unfinished business as she decides to head to New Jersey and rescue her ex-husband. Wish her luck over there!

But thanks to them handing over the evidence to the press, the public are now in uproar with the controversy related to Papa Dino as Gregory told the bad news to his boss.

And really, Dino Golzine is so pissed right now that he told his men that they’ll go back to New York and try to stop this breaking news.

However, Papa Dino will be in for a surprise from Ash Lynx and his allies as they arrived in New Jersey and attacked his convoy without warning.

And while Dino Golzine could bring some of Colonel Fox’s men to protect him, they’re busy protecting the inmates from getting out of the facility.

This means that Papa Dino’s bodyguards are being out-gunned by a bunch of street thugs.

Even worse is that Dino Golzine was cornered by Ash Lynx on gunpoint. Well, that’s sucks now that Papa Dino is at the mercy of his adopted son.

And so, Dino Golzine became a hostage to Ash Lynx where he demanded the release of his friends including Max Lobo, as well as the documents relating to the Banana Fish drug.

However, Eduardo L. Fox has other plans as he decides not to comply with Ash Lynx’s demands…

…and instead shoot Dino Golzine in the chest, not on the shoulders this time. Seems that Colonel Fox’s intentions to rule the Corsican Foundation is out of the bag.

Still, how will Ash Lynx do at this situation where instead of Papa Dino becoming the final boss, it was Eduardo L. Fox who will take over as the main antagonist. With that said, I’ll see you next time for the final episode of Banana Fish!

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